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5 Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic on Your WordPress Website

5 Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Billions of people use the internet nowadays. It is exactly due to this constantly increasing figure that the global market has taken a drastic turn. This especially applies to industries and businesses that are looking to grow online. And, seeing that the modern consumer is more likely to search for a product or service online, it is easy to figure out why many retailers choose to start an eCommerce business over the traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

However, the businesses that rely heavily on their websites need a lot of traffic in order to grow and achieve success, even if it’s just a blog that has nothing to do with selling online.

And, since most blogs and websites, in general, are built through WordPress today, it is wise to explore some proven ways to increase organic traffic through this platform.

Increase Organic Traffic on Your WordPress Website


Create high-quality content

You can have the best website design out there or a team of SEO experts working to boost your ranking on Google, but you will achieve nothing without good content.

In digital marketing, quality content is something that sets apart average businesses from serious ones. When you create great content and target the right audience, you will attract relevant visitors. This is the most natural way to get new people to become a part of your audience.

On top of that, good content that provides real value to visitors improves the overall user experience on a website. Also, there is a higher chance that your content will be shared on social media if it’s really useful.

Therefore, make sure to create content that meets the needs of your audience. Take a look at your competition, see what they are doing, and then outdo them.

Invest efforts into becoming even better than your rivals by making your content comprehensive, useful, and better than what is offered in other places.

It's also recommended to write content in a post series to have a connective system of content and help readers follow them easily.

It is important to remember that the writing style also plays an important role. Depending on your industry, you can use informal or formal tone to connect with your audience.

Finally, don’t just create content for search engines. Instead, be unique, fun, clear, and concise. You can even create videos and include them in your content strategy When you successfully combine entertainment and education, you will achieve success. That’s a great foundation that will help you increase organic traffic.

Optimize for the SERPs

Optimize for the SERPs

One important segment of the entire SEO issue is what your post looks like on the Search Engine Results Pages. The way it is displayed on Google actually plays a major role.

Here are the two things you should consider:

  1. The meta title of your post – it should be created for people using Google to search for information.
  2. Meta description – always include a good meta description that is clear but not too long, so that readers have an understanding of what they can expect once they click on your post.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to figure out what your title needs to look like. It should be clear, concise, and it should also include keywords.

But, if that is something you don’t want to deal with, you can make use of various plugins. Since you are using WordPress, you can check out the Yoast SEO plugin. It will tell you whether your title and meta-description are good enough. In the event that you want everything runs automatically, try SlimSEO.

Once you sort that out, Google will pick up the information and use it within its SERPs. Hopefully, Google will find your titles and descriptions attractive. And, when you have an attractive title along with an informative meta-description, you can get a nice snippet that invites people to click on it.

This may seem like a minor detail, but it really helps a visitor make up their mind whether or not they should click on your post. And, that is crucial if you want to improve lead generation and increase website traffic.

Breadcrumbs navigation

This is a technical tip that can really improve the user experience on your website. When you take advantage of breadcrumbs navigation, you are providing your visitors with an immediate idea of where they are within your website’s structure.

In turn, this enables them to navigate through your website easily. For example, you click on a website, find a blog post, and then click on it. For instance, if this post was under the ‘SEO’ category, the breadcrumbs navigation should look like this:

Home > Blog > SEO > 5 Best Ways to Increase Organic Traffic on Your WordPress Website

A ‘path’ like this should be located above the article. The vast majority of websites place it above the article on the left side.

You may think that this is all there is when it comes to this navigation, but that’s not exactly true. There is another benefit to breadcrumbs navigation. This kind of navigation adds another dimension to your website’s appearance in the SERPs.

The gist is that breadcrumbs included on your site (in this case, Home > Blog >SEO > 5 Best Ways…) are also shown within the SERPs. Clearly, this gives visitors more information about your website even before they click on the post.

Again, since you are using WordPress, you will have no problems enabling breadcrumbs on your website. Many plugins have this feature, even the Yoast plugin.

Interlinking pages

Always include internal links to the pages on your website.

Say that you create apps for a living and you have a website where you also run a blog about the games and general trends in the industry. Wouldn’t it be useful if you linked various posts, when possible, that direct a user from the post they are reading to another post on your website?

This way, not only are you keeping visitors on your website for a longer period of time, but you are also boosting engagement, which is always good. Linking your posts is also a great way to compel readers to explore your site further. That is probably the best bit about it.

So, include as many relevant links to related posts as possible whenever you sit down to write something. This may not be easy with the default search functionality in WordPress, but there is a plugin for that too.

The default functionality looks for your chosen keyword literally anywhere on all of your pages, while a good plugin only considers post and page titles.

That will save you a lot of time and effort that can later be used in a better way.

Take advantage of social media

Social media platforms have become one of the most significant channels to build and maintain a strong online presence. Networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been growing for years now, and there is no end in sight.

That is why you need to start using these networks to the fullest. Google recognizes the importance of social existence, and it takes social media as a critical signal to rank your content.

So, if you want to use the opportunity these networks offer, you should provide social sharing links on your website. Post updates and always keep your social accounts updated.

You should be present on at least two social media platforms, post and share quality content there, but also remember that each platform is a story for itself. No two networks are identical, and that’s why you should have a specific strategy for each of your social platforms.

Final thoughts

Organic traffic is the life of your website, so improving it is one of the most effective methods to build your online brand.

The strategies listed above will help you increase organic traffic, attracting more visitors to your website and ultimately boosting your sales. Just remember, patience is the key, so don’t expect results to show overnight.

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