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7 best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is a well-known open source content management system and is used as a leading platform for building websites in existence today. Google always highly praises websites using WordPress, maybe because of that WordPress is usually said to be SEO friendly. With a huge WordPress plugins stock, you will have thousands of SEO plugins to make your optimization more efficient.

best SEO Plugins for WordPress

However it’s not the more SEO plugin you install, the better your websites get, in contrast, it makes your websites even slower. Therefore, you should choose one or just a few plugins that really fit your needs. Below are the top 7 SEO plugins for WordPress at the moment, take a look and decide the best choice for yourself.

Slim SEO

Slim SEO is a great SEO plugin for WordPress users. It doesn't bloat you with tons of options. Instead, it automatically does the optimization for you.

This plugin automatically optimizes the meta tags, Open Graph, and Twitter card. It also automatically creates an XML sitemap for your site for submitting to search engines.

If you're fed of bloat interface of other SEO plugins or don't want to get lost in the maze of options, Slim SEO is the right choice for you.

To learn how to optimize your WordPress website with Slim SEO, refer to this article.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is considered the a comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress. This tool supports you in writing a standard SEO article and managing the website in the most optimal way. Every time you write an article, the SEO plugin analyzes your post in the most optimal way such as H1, H2, alt attributes in the images, keywords density, number of words in a paragraph, etc.

Yoast SEO provides a preview of how the post will show up in the search result and always makes sure all keywords are placed in the right position, for instance: title, meta tags, images, etc. This is the WordPress SEO plugin that you should try at least once to experience all of its values.

You can learn how to use Yoast SEO here.

SEO Framework

Premiered in 2017, the number of downloads of SEO Framework plugin has been growing really fast, which shows the power of this plugin.

This plugin integrates several functions: improved searching presence, available configuration, automatic site optimization, crawl search, content duplication prevention, the best custom instruction and improvement, multi-social media sharing, various types of customization support,... and many other outstanding features.

SEO Framework is totally suited and worth investing in your website.

All in One SEO Pack

If for some reason you cannot use Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack is the most perfect replacement.

Similar to Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack provides you optimal solutions and promotes SEO development progress.

Some outstanding features of All in One SEO Pack: XML Sitemap support, great SEO support in every post, automatic Meta tags, automatic Google index, Google analytics/ Google AMP support, minimize duplication of the contents and more.


The above is our evaluation of the Best SEO plugins for WordPress. SEO-related problems like on-page problems, broken links, website and page speed improvement, indexing in general or mobile-first indexing, etc, all have their own SEO plugin in WordPress to support.

Besides using plugins, you should still manually optimize SEO for your website to have the best result. If you find it difficult, some experts from SEO services like Geekschip SEO agency can help you.

Hope you figure out how to combine these WordPress SEO plugins to own a highly optimized and professional website.

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