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How to add Instagram Feed to WordPress

How to add Instagram Feed to WordPress

As you know, Instagram is one of the apps that have the most users in the world. Therefore, Instagram is an influential platform that can be used to drive traffic to your WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to add Instagram Feed to WordPress using an Instagram Feed plugin by Smash Balloon.

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon

Instagram Feed plugin is a plugin that is used to display any Instagram posts from your own account on your WordPress page. You can display it in the same single feed or in other different ones.

Instagram Feed plugin in WordPress

Currently, this plugin has more than 800,000 active installations and it is compatible with WordPress version 3.0 or higher.

Outstanding Features:

  • No complicated step to install and set up
  • Display pictures from many Instagram account in one feed or in different feeds
  • Fully responsive and mobile support
  • Completely customizable
  • Display multiple feeds on the same page or on separate pages
  • Use shortcode options to customize each Instagram feeds
  • Display thumbnail, medium or full-size photos in Instagram feeds
  • Load more pictures with the ‘Load More’ button
  • Beautiful header at the top of the feed
  • Display Instagram photos chronologically or in random order

Why do you need to add an Instagram Feed into WordPress?

Integrating Instagram into your website can increase social engagement between you and your Instagram followers. By displaying your Instagram content and photos directly on your WordPress, you can increase your number of followers in both your Instagram and WordPress website.

If you don’t have time to update your photos on your website, don’t worry because when you add this plugin in your site, it will automatically display photos you have posted to your Instagram on your WordPress website. It is effective and time-saving. Moreover, admins freely display content and photos in their own way. This one also lets you customize your feeds in the way you want.

Besides, adding more photos to your website keeps your site looking fresh and keeps your audience engaged. This plugin is also easy to set up. Once it is installed, you can add your photos within seconds! No complicated steps and no Instagram account of developers required.

How to Add Instagram Feed in WordPress

1. Install

Step 1. First of all, as usual, you need to install and activate the Instagram Feed plugin. You can download this plugin here. Click on the button Download on the right of the screen and wait for this plugin to download.

Download Instagram Feed Plugin in WordPress

Step 2. Upload the Instagram Feed plugin

In the WordPress Admin Panel, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.

Upload Instagram Feed Plugin in WordPress

Choose the Instagram Feed plugin file that you saved on your local system. Be sure that it is the zipped file. Then click Install Now.

Install Instagram Feed Plugin in WordPress

Step 3. Click Activate Plugin in WordPress

Activate Instagram Feed Plugin in WordPress

2. Set up

Step 1: Click on the Instagram Feed on the WordPress menu.

Instagram Feed Plugin in WordPress

Step 2:  Click on the button Connect an Instagram Account to connect your Instagram account.

Connect Instagram in WordPress

Step 3: Once you have connected your account, you can remove it from your Primary user feed, or add it to another feed on your site by 2 buttons Remove from Primary Feed and Add to another Feed.

Step 4:  Navigate to the Customize page to customize your feed.

Customize Instagram Feed in WordPress

Step 5: Navigate to the Display your feed 

Display Instagram Feed in WordPress

Define where you want to display the feed (on page, post or widget), then copy this shortcode [instagram-feed] shortcode and paste into it. For example, display it on a WordPress page:

Display on the WordPress page

Here is what you see it in a post on the WordPress page:

Step 6:  You can use either the built-in Instagram Feed widget or the Text widget to let your Feed appear in a sidebar or any other widget area.

In the WordPress Admin Panel, go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Choose Text in Available Widget -> Add Widget. Then paste shortcode [instagram-feed] into the Text -> Saved

displaying Instagram feed in a widget of WordPress page

Below is the result of displaying it in a widget of WordPress page:

Final Word

To sum up, this article is the guide for adding Instagram into WordPress by using the Instagram Feed plugin developed by Smash Balloon. Through the installation and setting up of this plugin, you will have the chance to display any stunning Instagram pictures on your WordPress page.

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