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9 Tips to Create a Landing Page That Really Converts

9 Tips to Create a Landing Page That Really Converts

Creating and using landing pages for advertising and marketing campaigns is becoming popular and important to businesses. However, not everyone knows how to create a landing page that is truly effective and helps increase the conversion rate for maximum profit. Having worked on tons of campaigns and researches, we are going to show you our 9 best tips to help you create a successful landing page.

What is a Landing Page and Its Benefits?

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page, or target page, is a single page on websites that leads users to do favored acts (buying goods, downloading products, filling in surveys, etc.) in business or marketing campaigns on websites.

Below is an example of a landing page for Black Friday promotion by

A high-converting landing page on GretaThemes website

Why Should You Use a Landing Page?

The principal purpose when using a landing page is to make more conversions.

According to a statistic from Hubspot, the average conversion rate for landing pages is at 5-15% (varies in different kinds of business), while the average for general websites is only at 1-3%.

Besides, investing in a landing page not only boosts your product's prominence and attractiveness but also helps to instill important messages. That will also show your dedication to the campaign and products.

Which Tools and Methods to Create Landing Pages?

You can hire a website development company or a developer and ask them to create a landing page as you wish.

On the other hand, if you are using WordPress to build a landing page yourself, you will have lots of tools, pre-made themes, plugins, page builders, even Gutenberg editor, etc. Especially, these tools might be absolutely for free! For example, eStar is a free Gutenberg-compatible WordPress theme, so you can use Gutenberg to create landing pages easily with this theme.

A landing page created by Gutenberg in a website using eStar theme

How to Create a Landing Page that Is Highly Converting?

A landing page aiming for a high conversion rate should not be only well-designed. The content you show on the landing page should be of the same priority.

Create Different Landing Pages for Corresponding Customer Segments

Professional marketers approved this tip as an effective way to increase the conversion rate. Instead of creating a one-for-all landing page (every customer will see the same content), they divide customers into different groups, analyze their insights, and then create corresponding landing pages for each of them. This method helps to feed the exact information for specific customer needs. Also, by doing so, you will achieve a better understanding of your customers after running each campaign, thereby having better preparation for the next ones.

However, creating multiple landing pages costs your effort and budget a lot, and not every company can get it done thoroughly. In fact, there are some tools to help you create multiple landing pages (such as page builders, landing page cloning services). But to make things more simple, you should consider using custom fields to create dynamic landing pages. Specifically, you will create a common base layout for every landing page, and then edit the content for each one without touching code.

Create Suitable Content for Specific Customers/Clients Needs

Besides giving the right products and services for customers’ needs, remember to provide sufficient information and highlight the keyword-related information. By this way, you can make the right impression on the right customers, bring them the right value and message, and thus the conversion rate will increase.

The heading is often the most prominent part of landing pages. Thus, the headline must be clear, engaging, cover the main content of the landing page, and even show how your products/services benefit your customers.

You can visit Marketing Example to see how you can create a better headline and achieve a better conversion rate.

Create Suitable Content for Specific Customers

Create Designs that Match User Behavior & Interaction

A beautiful look is not always an optimum one that could improve the conversion rate. You need to understand or imagine how visitors interact with your website or landing page. Based on this, you will divide and organize the content layout properly. You can use some UX analyzing tools like Hotjar to know which sections people often interact with. After, you can place your key content into these areas.

Besides, landing page designs need to satisfy some other criteria:

  1. Attractiveness: No one wants to look at a bad design. Besides a layout that fits user interaction, you also need a balance, well-colored design that matches your products and target customers. Choosing color with the help of the Color Wheel will be useful for you.
  2. Readability: You need to organize the layout, pictures and contents, choose the fonts, … so that they are readable and clear. Moreover, avoid complex sentences and difficult texts. For example, a long sentence that overlaps the next column's content in the below picture will badly affect readability:
Write readable and clear content to get higher conversion rate
  1. Picture: Pictures should be attractive and closely describe your products/services. Also, your pictures should stimulate customers' desire to get the products. Take a look at this eye-catching F&B landing page:
Pictures should be attractive and closely describe your products/services

Our WordPress theme shop is another example. We chose our best themes to display:

Display theme attractively on the landing page

Add Other Factors that Increase the Conversion Rate:

Call to Action

Call to Action (CTA) can be words, phrases, contents, buttons which motivate visitors to do favored acts.

  1. To avoid confusion, you need to be consistent about what action you want the visitor to do on your landing page. There should not be too many kinds of different wanted action on the same landing page.
  2. Use words and phrases that are truly motivating. For example, Buy Now, Get Your 50% Discount, Only For Today, etc.
  3. CTA contents should be in prominent positions. You need to identify which sections are attractive to users the most, such as price listing, selling point, product information, testimonials,... and put CTAs into these places. No need to worry if CTAs on your landing page seems to be many. Just make sure that they are well-organized and not look tangled.
you need to be consistent about what action you want the visitor to do on your landing page
  1. Highlight your CTA by painting them with vibrant colors, put them into buttons, bold them up, ...

Add Social Proof

Customers/clients will found your product more trustworthy and by that take action if you can provide some information such as:

  • My client: Trusted partners you worked with
  • Testimonials: Rating, subscriptions, etc.
  • Certificates awarded by trusted organizations in the field
  • If your brand is well-active on social networks, add some social links too.

Tools to Directly Connect with Customers

Upon reading a landing page, users might wonder about your products and services, so they need further consultation. Thus, you need to add some tools to connect with customers to support them and make a deal right away. These tools surely will increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

Livechat is the most popular tool that helps visitors interact with online customer support conveniently. Notably, Facebook Livechat is a livechat system that is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the increase in the number of Facebook users.

If you see similar questions from users, you can set up a chatbot that automatically gives pre-made answers. This method enables your website to interact with customers 24/7.

Also, you can add direct call buttons on landing pages. If your customers/clients mainly use Apple devices, you can follow this instruction.

Add Countdown Buttons

If your landing page is about an event, a discount with an exact start and expiry date, you should add some countdown buttons. This tip helps you tell your customers/clients to hurry up and take action before the deadline.

If the event has not started, you can add buttons that allow visitors to add the event to their calendar. Get the detailed instruction here. Add Countdown Buttons to make a landing page that really converts

Optimize Website's Speed

No one wants to deal with a slow website, especially a landing page. If it takes visitors even a few seconds to load the site, they might be bored and quit it right away. Therefore, optimizing the website's speed is needed if you want to increase the conversion rate.

Here are some popular ways to speed up your website:


You can find lots more tips on how to create a landing page that truly converts on Google. However, these 9 tips we have shown above are the most important. We believe that if you get these done carefully, you are successful in creating a landing page with a high conversion rate.

If you got any tips or comments for us, please leave them down in the comment section. Thank you!

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