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best wordpress live chat plugin for customer service success

5 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Customer Service Success

Customer needs are on the rise as new products and services enter the market. They have expectations from preferred brands to meet their requirements, especially when they do not hesitate to invest their hard-earned money on the products and services offered.

Customers expect a brand to deliver top-level customer service when they arrive with purchase intent. If they do not get that, the website visitors, including prospects and existing customers, are not going to stick around long enough for you to make things right.

To drive this point home, EConsultancy and Adobe conducted their Annual Digital Trends report, where they asked B2B companies to state the single most exciting opportunity for 2020.

The results? Customer experience won hands down, beating content marketing, video marketing, and even social media. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your website achieve success.

Live Chat Is the Solution for Great Customer Service

The best mode of offering great customer service today is live chat. Because a whopping 42% of customers prefer live chat compared to just 23% for email, and 16% for social media or forums.

And not just customer service, WordPress live chat plugin also helps in converting website visitors into solid leads and allows your support team to respond to customer queries promptly.

Unquestionably, the advantages of using live chat plugins for customer service are starkly clear for your WordPress websites. There are several software solutions out there.

You should take some time out to research your options that will help you deliver the best customer experience to your consumers. In the meantime, check out these are the best live chat plugins for WordPress:

ProProfs Live Chat

ProProfs Live Chat

When you need an instant resolution for your customer questions, look no further than ProProfs live chat WordPress plugin which offers unique features and functionalities that keep your clients happy and satisfied. You can even use its smart application, which is extremely lightweight and mobile-friendly This gives you the option to offer live chat service pretty much on the go.

Some of its top features you can enjoy once you add live chat to WordPress website include:

  • Using multiple chats, operators can resolve customer queries in the shortest possible time
  • With the chat’s co-browsing features, agents can assist customers by sharing useful URLs for what they are searching for online
  • You can track and monitor customer behavior on your website in real-time, interact with them proactively and improve overall site engagement

ProProfs is considered to be one of the best live chat for WordPress plugins as it empowers your agents to multi-task. With this, they can pre-empt customer questions, offer satisfactory solutions, and be one step ahead in the game.



Launched in 2002, LiveChat was one of the foremost players in this space. If you choose to add live chat to WordPress that supports growth, then LiveChat can help you out.

Some of its noteworthy functionalities that pave the way for customer service success are:

  • Manage your chats via agents or personally or even pre-planned, categorized responses to take care of customer queries
  • Proactively strike up conversations with website visitors or engage them by sending automated friendly greetings
  • Offer customer support on time via pre-written responses

LiveChat allows you to review previous customer chats and engage with the customer as per their expectations and preferences. With customer monitoring, it improves overall chat efficiency and success, resulting in increased sales.



If you are looking to grow your business at a dramatic pace, then Olark is possibly one of the best WordPress live chat plugins that you can choose to install on your site.

Some of its unique features include:

  • You can integrate a broad spectrum of third party application, for example, Help Desk, HubSpot Groove with your Olark live chat platform to have a smooth data workflow
  • With automating processes like greetings, responses, message routing, and more, you can cut down on the quantum of work you do to communicate with visitors
  • Use the saved transcripts to get more in-depth insights into your customers and use it to refine your customer service further

With a premium plan, you can access features like co-browsing, insights from social media, and other relevant sites along with translation services.



If you are looking for options to integrate Facebook Messenger with your WordPress live chat plugin, then WP-Chatbot is your answer.

Check out its top features:

  • You can personalize your Facebook Messenger chat widget with the option to demo from your website
  • Customize your chat triggers basis the status of your customers and the page of your website that they are currently browsing
  • The chat can be operated either by a human agent or even a programmed Facebook bot

There is a free version of the WP-Chatbot tool that you try before you purchase the premium version. If you want to add Facebook live chat support to your website, let's check it here.



A multi-channel, cloud-based WordPress live chat plugin, REVE Chat, is an efficient and professional tool that promises all the goodies at a fraction of a price.

So, what makes REVE a unique live chat platform? Here are its key features:

  • It goes beyond your usual live chat system with supports video and voice chats, screen-sharing and co-browsing
  • Modify the look of your chat widget to match your website’s theme, style, and tone
  • With auto-triggers and visitor analytics, you can engage and offer real-time assistance to your customers

REVE Chat is fully optimized for all types of browsers, including web and mobile, delivers an average uptime of 99.8%.

Wrapping Up

Still mulling over which live chat solutions will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress site and will be advantageous to both you and your customers?

There are quite a few options available to you.

But whichever live chat plugins for customer service that you wish to opt for will ultimately be determined by your primary purpose.

Regardless of the type of website you are operating, letting your customers make inquiries directly through live chat is a plus point. In addition to live chat plugin, you can add Facebook live chat or Apple Business chat because Facebook and Apple are so popular now. This form of customer support ensures success for your business and helps deliver a great user experience.

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