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Best 7+ Chatbot Plugins for your WordPress Website

Best 7+ Chatbot Plugins for your WordPress Website

Clicking on this article probably means you already know the importance of chatbots and are looking for the most suitable plugins to add to your WordPress website. Congratulations, you’re making the right decision! Whether it is a newly created blog that needs to capture and retain new visitors or a high-traffic eCommerce website, having a chatbot is a must to impress your audience without much maintenance effort.

Firstly, what are chatbot plugins and how are they different from live chat plugins?

In the simplest of words, chatbot (chat + robot) are automated chat systems that help you greet your visitors, give instructions, inquire about their information and insights, and moreover, solve some of their more common issues.

When I first introduce the chatbot to my readers, they always have the same skepticism: “Chatbots are stupid and they cannot replace live chat.” And to those people, I always reply: “I agree. But have you looked at their difference?”

Live chat systems are ultimately a channel for guests and customer support officers to communicate. Since some issues are impossible to solve without a real person’s help, this form of communication will forever be important. This list of the best live chat plugin will help you find out the suitable one for your WordPress site.

However, if you just stop there and get a simple live chat bubble on your website, what happens when 100, or 1000 people chat with you at once, asking the same questions, at the most inconvenient time?

Secondly, how can chatbot plugins solve your problems?

Chatbots solve the question of insufficient time and human resources by not only handling live chat but also letting you program simple, automated messages. Moreover, they are always working tirelessly, 24/7, ensuring your customers feel welcomed while politely collecting customer data for your analysis. Meanwhile, chatbot plugins are plugins you can simply install on your WordPress website and have a functional chatbot at your expense. Besides, you can use a free chatbot builder to create your own chatbot.

I have tried many of these during my time managing my WordPress websites, and these are my top 8 chatbot plugins for your reference, in no particular order. Just try out for yourself and decide which one fits you best.

1. Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot

Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot

First one to consider is Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot, a chatbot built on Facebook Messenger Bot API. Further, this is well- supported by developers.


  • Technical support from developers
  • Utilizes Facebook Messenger Bot API – which is excellent for those who want to integrate deeply with this social media


  • Only paid version available
  • Limited features
  • No dashboard for customer data

2. WP – Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat

WP – Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat

Our second candidate is WP – Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat, the leading Facebook Messenger chatbot. Therefore, this is perfect for those who want to integrate their Facebook and WordPress channels. In addition, if you want to add Facebook live chat support to your website, let’s check it here.


  • Easy installation
  • Centralized inbox for messages
  • Integration with Facebook Business Page
  • Customization choices
  • Trusted by Neil Patel and Backlinko – two giants in the Digital Marketing industry


  • Not as feature-rich as competitors
  • Only suitable for Facebook users


Third time’s a charm – is well-designed right upon first impression. This chatbot plugin is elegant, streamlined, and does not try to be more than what it needs to be.


  • Easy installation – just add a code snippet!
  • Beautiful interface and emoji set
  • Diverse question templates
  • Integration option with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack
  • Drag and drop to create questions


  • Has a response limit
  • High subscription price – $24-$99/month

4. Chatbot with IBM Watson

Chatbot with IBM Watson

Fourth option is Chatbot with IBM Watson, a solution from the renowned IBM. This one is targeted towards technical users who want a powerful chatbot that they truly crafted themselves.


  • Smart- uses IBM Watson Assistant’s AI solution
  • Can use user data in chat messages
  • VOIP calling available
  • Polished design with a business look and feel
  • Secure
  • Suitable for a more technical user
  • Good free plan


  • Limited customer management features
  • Expensive paid plans – starting at $120/month

5. ChatBot for WooCommerce

ChatBot for WooCommerce

Our fifth candidate, ChatBot for WooCommerce – has seamless integration with the WooCommerce shopping platform. Therefore, this is the one and only option for shop owners in this list.


  • Designed for dummies – no need for configuration and training
  • Utilizes Dialogflow by Google – great integration and future development
  • Tailored for WooCommerce websites
  • Relatively inexpensive – as low as $33 a year for Pro version


  • Free version only allows 1 template
  • Not suitable for non ecommerce websites

6. Gobot – Sales Boosting Chatbot

Gobot – Sales Boosting Chatbot

For sixth place, Gobot – Sales Boosting Chatbot is feature-packed to the brim. Powerful and intuitive. In addition, can be intimidating to individual users.


  • Nice design
  • Dashboard available
  • 100+ templates available
  • Built-in email marketing & automation features
  • Form functionality with CSV output to spreadsheets
  • Many options for customer targeting and data analysis
  • Feature packed – a lot more shown on their website!


  • Pricing plans for pro version is not disclosed publicly

7. My Chatbot

My Chatbot WordPress plugin

My Chatbot, our 7th option, is super simple and light. Therefore, it’s for the minimalists who just want some customization.


  • Powered by Dialogflow – an AI conversational solution by Google with excellent integration with other platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack,…
  • Brand your own chatbot
  • Light and quick for your website
  • Easy implementation with a line of shortcode
  • Customizable – color, font, background, and many more


  • More involved – you need to play around for some time to utilize it well!
  • Outdated – this plugin uses V1 of Dialogflow’s API
  • No fancy dashboard

8. ChatBot for WordPress


ChatBot for WordPress

Last but not least is ChatBot for WordPress. This chatbot plugin is another solution from the creator of ChatBot for WooCommerce – Quantumcloud.


  • Lifetime plan – pay once, use forever. Or only $25 a year for the Pro version
  • Quick installation
  • Has addons – even Facebook Messenger
  • Smart tracking of customer’s behaviours for retaining customers and retargeting
  • Dialogflow based – benefits from Google’s powerful solution and excellent integration


  • Unflattering templates

Final words

Above is a most concise comparison of these 8 chatbots, each with their own strengths and flaws. Just like WordPress themes, chatbots are chosen based on the purpose, scale, and overall style of the website.  As an alternative, you can use platforms like SendPulse or Chatfuel to create a Messenger chatbot of your own. It’s free and it doesn’t require any coding experience

Firstly, ChatBot for WooCommerce is the best option with excellent store integration for eCommerce websites. Secondly, you can’t go wrong with Gobot or Chatbot with IBM Watson for enterprises. Thirdly, starting with the free version of ChatBot for WordPress can be a great choice for individuals. All in all, there is no one-size-fits-all, so weigh the pros and cons yourself and pick wisely!

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