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11+ Best designed food blog WordPress themes

11+ Best designed food blog WordPress themes

Hello everyone, today we will share with guys a very interesting thing, especially for the food lovers like us. Welcome to the world of the top 15 most beautiful WordPress themes for food blog. The reason we chose this fresh and exciting topic to introduce to everyone is because of the tremendous importance of food and drink in our daily lives.

So that's wonderful when we have the opportunity to discover the most beautiful WordPress themes for food. Maybe after looking through our posts, you will have more motivation to become a food blogger or food reviewer. Let's explore right now!

1. Food&Cook

Ranking at the first spot is Food&Cook - the king in the sales field with a turnover of 2592 each year. This food blog theme attracts users from the first click with white mainstream background, elegant and harmonious design so it brings to users a cozy space of the familiar kitchen. The main content is concentrated in the central position of the theme, making it easy for viewers to capture the information. In particular, the image of dishes with diverse and eye-catching colors is integrated into square frames that appealing the attention of customers. The special thing is that this theme allows users to build and edit the layout on 404 pages.

Food&Cook - best designed theme for food reviewers

Highlight features

  • 11 templates
  • 6 different layouts
  • WooCommerce
  • Update and share recipes easily
  • Support HTML language format, add structured data to the website
  • Easy to install sample data
  • More than 50 shortcodes topic
  • Social network integration

2. Lahana

Lahanna is proud to be trusted by 22,000 customers. With a bright design, the theme confidently attracts users at first sight. The parts are distributed specifically, 2/3 of the left layout is arranged into certain blocks from top to bottom, while 1/3 of the right content is integrated into many different shapes like round, square, rectangular,... that creating a pleasant and exciting feeling for users. The timer feature in the cooking guide section helps users can both read the guide and practice. Overall, the theme's interface is designed to be relatively user-friendly.

Lahana - best wordpress food theme

Highlight features

  • Diverse images and videos
  • More than 800 Google fonts
  • A variety of layouts
  • SEO optimization

3. Boiler

It would be a mistake not to mention Boiler in this list. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of information and quite exquisite designs. However, the layout is cleverly arranged and all dishes are highlighted on a white background so that it becomes appeal and clear to customers' attention. The interesting point of this topic is that it focuses on analyzing ingredients and nutrition in each dish to suit the number of users that customers choose. Thereby, it increases interaction between users and the blog.

Boiler - best food blog theme from themeforest

Highlight features

  • 7 different layouts
  • User membership features
  • Support from Google Rich snippets
  • 700 Google fonts
  • Composition of half images and content
  • Data tables

4. Spiced Blog

Spiced Blog - A perfect blog with fresh colors reserved for those who are passionate about food. With a beautiful dashboard layout, elegant typography, and sophisticated design, the theme can take users on an enjoyable journey. The content is designed from left to right, divided into three clear parts: 2/3 of the right content is for reviews of dishes with extremely beautiful images, 1/3 of the remaining content is intended to summarize the main contents such as Recent Post, Most popular or Registration,... This design is very convenient because after consulting information, users can choose the best articles or click to register an account if they like the page.

Spiced Blog - theme with beautiful template

Highlight features

  • More than 300 fonts easy to use
  • Perfectly designed and easy to use on any device
  • Diverse post layout
  • Fast loading speed
  • Support from the slider.

5. Avocet

Avocet is one of the relatively diverse themes with a unique designed that is easy to read, look and observe. The food blog theme gives users a variety of options with 3 sliders, 4 headers, and countless font and layout options. Notably, the images of recipes are carefully edited and cared for, creating a modern and pretty feeling. The first thing that caught the eye of users when visiting this theme is the extremely charming font of the theme name. The rest of the layout is dedicated to dishes and sharing tips, each of which is an image of an extremely unique dish with reviews or recommendations. Coming to Avocet, we seem to be lost in a world of only delicious food.

Avocet - theme for food blog

Highlight features

  • 3 sliders
  • Feature of selecting highlight articles
  • Search and filter with just one click
  • Positive plugin
  • 2 shortcodes are beautifully designed
  • Link to Instagram

6. Fooddy 24/7

Fooddy 24/7 - An interesting destination for those who want to own a cuisine blog and love business through modern style delivery. The blog is designed with lots of features, helping customers diversify their choices. The theme uses a lot of lovely illustration icons to represent the content, therefore it is quite suitable for youngers, so youthful and adorable. The layout is evenly distributed from top to bottom, from left to right and arranged in a balanced and harmonious manner.

Fooddy 24/7 - food theme with nice style

Highlight features

  • 3 beautiful layouts
  • Full support from Woocommerce
  • Install the demo one click
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE11 +
  • Flexible colors & typefaces
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • More than 750 customization options
  • Compatible with plugins for blogs

7. Seafood Company & Fish Restaurant

Welcome to our seafood market - an option for seafood companies so the author chooses blue as the predominant, bringing the space of the sea. The users will be truly impressed with the serious and quality design of the theme. With two main blocks are square and rectangular, Seafood Company & Fish Restaurant cleverly integrates content as well as images into the interior. This food blog theme is designed to be compatible with WPBakery and Woo Commerce. Moreover, it is provided with packages of premium plugins, like Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, WPML.

Seafood Company & Fish Restaurant - food blog theme

Highlight features

  • The custom theme options panel
  • Media content management
  • Compatible with WPML plugin
  • Woocommerce
  • SEO optimization
  • Advanced demo data installation tool

8. Good food

Don't forget to mention Good food on this list - a great blog for enthusiasts sharing cooking tips. Unlike other blogs, Good Food is designed on a light brown background, creating a very warm feeling for users when opening the blog. The impressive thing about visiting this site is that the content is moderately introduced, neither too much nor too little, helping users to escape the overwhelming feeling and can easily adapt faster. In particular, the Events Calendar mode is pre-installed to help users have more ideas about delicious dishes without spending much thought.

Good food - great food recipe

Highlight features

  • More than 99 custom shortcodes
  • Vivid images
  • Large catalog warehouse
  • Custom widgets (provide advanced options for social networks, like Flickr, Facebook, and
  • Twitter)
  • Unlimited color palette

9. Farm Agrico

If someone is looking for a blog about natural products and health-friendly food, find out about Farm Agrico. This food blog theme is rated as owning a pretty nice and elegant layout, which is relatively stable on all devices. The theme uses flexible shapes (square, round, rectangular) to create different decorations for the content, so users always feel fresh when using. Shopping application is placed in a separate section to help customers have more options.

Farm Agrico - good looking theme

Highlight features

  • Easy to update
  • Support multiple languages
  • Strong admin interface
  • Drag and drop page builders
  • Support plugins: WPBakery Page Builder, Revolution Slider, Booked Appointments,
  • Essential Grid, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7

10. Healthy Farm

Healthy Farm is suitable for young people who love green and modern lifestyle. With creative design, fresh colors and vivid images, the theme gives users a very new experience. Besides, it is very delicate in the use of different shapes, from traditional images to interesting images such as houses, trucks or fruit platters. The typefaces are also changed flexibly, suitable for each subject. This food blog theme provides a special editing mode, so users can completely edit the content in the front end.

Healthy Farm - best website template

Highlight features

  • Choose size for posts as well as screen layout
  • Flexible editing mode
  • Diverse layouts
  • Woocommerce
  • Product evaluation mechanism

11. Lettuce

Lettuce is a theme suitable for those who want to trade natural agricultural products. You will be immersed in the world of clean fruits and vegetables with extremely eye-catching images where you are becoming eco-friendly sellers. Thanks to that, Lettuce's design is also very modern and bright, and also adorable with funny design patterns. Also, the text of the theme is relatively few because the message is mainly conveyed through vibrant images, so you have more chances to showcase and focus on your yummy food.

Lettuce - best wordpress theme

Highlight features

  • Gift card
  • Page shipping method page
  • Strong shortcode set
  • Diverse product collection
  • Easy to update information
  • Synchronization on mobile devices

12. Origano

With the dominant green color, Origano is considered the most convenient website for organic food devotees. The layout of the theme is very bright and tidy, especially the image and content of the blog are designed and edited very carefully. The content parts and colors (green and white) are arranged alternately. Overall, the theme is designed in a simple and clear style that is very suitable for new users. The theme also supports language features.

Origano - organic food theme

Highlight features

  • Easy to install, run and update
  • WordPress 4.0+ Has been tested and approved
  • Cross-browser compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE11 +
  • Support for WPBakery Page Creator
  • User menu and main menu support
  • Animation animation CSS3 / jQuery
  • Scroll bar
  • Google web font

13. VegaDay

Don't forget vegetarian food - a popular eating trend in the community recently. And VegaDay will help you own an online vegetarian blog - products dedicated to events & festivals. Especially, this food blog theme combines two hot and cold tones, turning the theme from a simple to an elegant blog. The fonts that the theme uses transform subtly, from formal to a dreamy style that helps users feel novel when experiencing. The very interesting online appointment function will help users interact with your blog more.

VegaDay - trendy theme for reviewers

Highlight features

  • WordPress 4.0+ Has been tested and approved
  • Easy to install and update
  • Advanced contact form
  • Full Woocommerce compatibility
  • Make an appointment online
  • Mobile device synchronization


This above list is the top 13 WordPress Theme in food. We hope that the above share can assist you in choosing an ideal theme for your own. Each theme has its own style and characteristics, so think carefully before deciding.

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