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How to use Google fonts in WordPress

How to Use Google Fonts in WordPress?

There exists a problem discouraging beginners related to the fact that many beautiful themes in WordPress fail to display appropriate fonts without the ability to support special characters. Don’t worry, this blog will show you how to use Google fonts in WordPress website. If you are still confused with how to add eye-catching Google fonts to your WordPress, refer to use the plugin Easy Google Fonts to embed professional – looking typography options into your websites after some clicks.

As the best plugin which manages to apply wonderful fonts from Google Font library into WordPress, Easy Google Fonts plugin allows you to customize any type of characters, let alone its free of charge feature. All you need is to pick your favorite fonts and use them effectively on your WordPress to create a professional outlook for the website itself. Now let move to some highlight features of this plugin to see what it has.

Highlight Features of Easy Google Fonts plugin:

  • Control every Theme’s font in WordPress
  • Choose over 600 different fonts and customize them into your website without encoding
  • Preview the fonts before applying those changes to your website
  • Multiple languages translation

How to Add and Use Easy Google Fonts plugin

Step 1: You need to install and activate Easy Google Fonts plugin into your WordPress by clicking Plugins -> Add new. Then type Easy Google Fonts in the search box and proceed to install and activate it.

Install and activate this plugin into your website WordPress

Install and activate plugin

Step 2: Using Google Fonts

After activating this plugin, you can freely choose to use any font styles that are automatically listed. To get started, move to your WordPress admin panel and click Appearance -> Customize. After that, take a look at the Typography tab, this new item gives you the chance to control the design settings of your paragraphs and headlines.

Typography tab

Typography tab

The next step is to click Default Typography. You will notice many positions to change various options such as Paragraphs or Heading tabs from 1 to 6.

Default Typography

Default Typography

Or you can change fonts from other elements by clicking Settings -> Google Fonts. Then choosing the section that needs changing. Take this text section below as an example.

The Custom Control will provide you a section for this plugin to make font changes in that section itself. After you add change, click Customize to see the part already created to change.


The fastest and easiest way for every WordPress user to use Google Fonts in WordPress is to use a Google font plugin. Applying it in WordPress brings you wind of change to your website as well as raise the professional sense of itself. This plugin provides numerous different options for you to customize your own WordPress product serving any kind of website whatever formal or informal ones.

Above is step by step guiding how to install, activate and use Easy Google Fonts plugin in your WordPress website. In case you want to load Google fonts faster, refer to this tutorial. We hope from this, you can somehow learn how to create a unique and beautiful WordPress website of your own.

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