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Top 7 Free Plugins to Have More Blocks in Gutenberg [2021]

Top 7 Free Plugins to Have More Blocks in Gutenberg [2021]

Using Gutenberg is one of the easiest ways to build your website without knowing much about code. With Gutenberg, users and developers can create and build any kind of content such as product pages, restaurant menu, landing pages, and other pages. Recently, many plugins and themes support Gutenberg to have further features with more blocks, layout presets, additional settings, etc.

I spent a lot of time looking for the top plugins with the best features to introduce to you. Let's have a look at our selection of the best 7 plugins for Gutenberg.


The first plugin that I want to introduce is CoBlocks, which is one of the most active installed for Gutenberg. The reason is that it has the most creative collection of layouts and styles of WordPress blocks. With CoBlocks, users have an enormous source of creative blocks for their photography, blogs, portfolio sites, ...

Even when you are a newbie in Gutenberg, it is still simple for you to use CoBlocks. As it allows you to customize every feature of a block such as size, width, padding, ... within a few clicks. Besides, these blocks were designed in many eye-catching styles. For example, the College block helps users choose from a variety of creative styles for your gallery like the image below:

choose different styles for your gallery with College block

You can choose different styles for your gallery with College block

Photos appear in the front end when using CoBlocks.

This gallery provides images on the front end.

Genesis Blocks

Previously, Atomic Block was moved to Genesis Blocks and now they become one (but in different names). With 15 pre-built blocks for users such as Testimonials, Advance Columns, Pricing, Inline Notice, and so on, you can speed up your process of building websites.

Genesis Blocks provides users with 15 pre-built diverse blocks

Like CoBlocks, this plugin provides a lot of eye-catching block patterns and layouts that users can use immediately. Especially with Pricing Column block, there are many sub-blocks inside that are really helpful for an eCommerce site.

Add a sub-block made for pricing tables using Atomic Blocks plugin


Next is GenerateBlocks. Unlike other plugins that I mention in this post, GenerateBlocks has only 4 layout blocks. This plugin supports best for GeneratePress theme but still can work well with other themes.

GenerateBlocks plugin supports 4 Gutenberg blocks

However, these blocks contain a lot of options and allow you to customize even the tiniest elements. You can find a handful of in-depth blocks and use them to build any layout using GenerateBlocks.

Moreover, it supports users to customize the display of each block for responsive design.

Customize the display of each block for responsive design.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks has more than 100.000 active installations. This plugin offers 15 blocks with many diverse and flexible custom options that users can use.

Kadence Blocks plugin provides 15 blocks made for Gutenberg

With Kadence Block, you can easily activate or deactivate each block, including block parameters, for each user role in a convenient interface. This is the most special feature of this plugin compared to others in this list.

With Kadence Block, you can easily activate or deactivate each block.

And, you can choose Editor Max Width on the backend to customize the size or width of the post/page editor.

Editor Max Width of Kedence helps customize the size or width of the post/page editor


Qubely is a full-featured Gutenberg block toolkit that includes a lot of custom blocks, predefined sections, and starting packs for building stunning web pages. Qubely has more than 10.000 active installations and provides about 23 blocks for users.

Qubely plugin supports 23 Gutenberg blocks.

An impressive thing is that there are a huge number of pre-built layouts that Qubely provides: more than 60 layouts for the free version and 100 layouts for the premium one. Besides, users can easily import layouts they want by clicking the Import Layout button.

Qubely plugin contains more than 60 layouts for free version and 100 layouts for premium one.

Editor Plus

Editor Plus, a plugin with more than 6.000 active installations, comes with a library of 22 templates for Gutenberg. Besides, this plugin provides some interesting and useful blocks such as rating, counter, icon, etc. Like GenerateBlocks, users can also customize their display to look good on any device such as Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.

Editor Plus provides 22 templates for Gutenberg.

You can easily customize typography, shape divider, adding icons to any position:

Editor Plus allow you customize typography, shape divider, adding icons to any position


The last plugin that I want to mention in this post is Stackable. This plugin has more than 50.000 active installations. Stackable includes built-in templates, as well as eye-catching block designs, includes 89 free designs, 264 premium block designs, and several UI sets available.

Stackable includes built-in templates, eye-catching block designs.

Besides, you can also optimize your websites’ performance, and get fast page loading because Stackable is compatible with Optimization Plugins and use optimization techniques such as combining CSS and JS files and minification.

Last Words

Well, we have gone through the top 7 free best plugins for Gutenberg. I hope that you learned something from my post. Which plugin do you like the most? Does it meet your demand? Do not hesitate to tell me about any of your ideas or opinions in the comment section. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye out for my next posts. Good luck!

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