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Top 6 Plugins to Add Extra Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Landing Pages

Top 6 Plugins to Add Extra Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress Landing Pages

Almost every website needs to create landing pages for campaigns such as promotions, surveys, flash sales,... to boost sales and increase conversion rate. One of the best tips for creating effective landing pages is designing different ones for each segment of customers. Gutenberg is one of the perfect tools for you to build many landing pages like that easily. Moreover, with the help of dedicated plugins to add extra Gutenberg blocks, you will have more features for your landing pages such as Testimonial, Counter, Countdown, Pricing, etc to increase conversions.

In this post, I collected the top 6 plugins that provide additional Gutenberg blocks to create landing pages easily and professionally. Let’s see!


The first plugin that provides Gutenberg blocks in this list is Gutentor. This plugin will surprise you with a large number of available blocks: more than 60 ones. Gutentor blocks are categorized into 5 groups: Gutentor Elements, Gutentor Modules, Gutentor Posts, Gutentor Terms, and Gutentor Widget. They will help you create landing pages easily and fluently.

In the Gutentor Widget group of blocks, you can easily find essential features for your landing pages such as Call to Action, Countdown Widget, Counter, Opening Hours, Pricing, Testimonial, … Besides, Gutentor is very lightweight and optimized to avoid slow page speed.

Key features:

  • More than 60 available blocks for you to choose and customize easily
  • Provide 100+ free templates
  • Counter Widget block displays product information with interesting photos designed by eye-catching templates.
  • Responsive and SEO optimized


Next, it is Stackable - a plugin that provides more than 27 Gutenberg blocks and a lot of helpful features to design beautiful landing pages. Moreover, you can use 89 free designs, 254 premium designs, and several UI Kits. What I like most about this plugin is you can creatively customize blocks in a detailed way with lots of website design options.

Key features:

  • Provide 27 blocks for flexible customization.
    Many free and premium designs as well as UI Kits
  • Provide available essential blocks to create landing pages such as Testimonial, Count Up, Call to Action, Pricing Box, etc.
  • Creatively customize blocks with a lot of familiar design options for websites.


Qubely is a plugin providing Gutenberg blocks that can help you build professional landing pages for different advertising campaigns. Users will be very impressed because Qubely supports 23 diversified blocks with a lot of features. Furthermore, there are a huge number of pre-built layout packs: more than 60 free layouts and 100 premium layouts. Therefore, Qubely is considered the best plugin providing a variety of beautiful layouts and styles in this list. Thus, you can immediately use these layouts for each section of landing pages such as pricing, testimonial, call to action, and so on.

Key features:

  • Provide 23 diversified blocks, free to choose
  • 60 available free layouts and 100 premium layouts to create different sections for landing pages
  • Provide blocks with essential features for landing pages such as testimonial, pricing, countdown, and so on
  • Easily customize every detail of the blocks with a lot of settings and options


Kadence is chosen and highly rated by many users. Compared to other plugins to add extra Gutenberg blocks in this list, Kadance has fewer blocks: 12 ones. In my point of view, these blocks are quite similar to other blocks in this round-up, including specialized blocks for creating landing pages such as Testimonial, Countdown, Form, etc. However, what makes Kadence amazing is the extremely flexible and convenient customizability with many settings, layouts, options, and so on.

Besides, there is a special feature that only Kadence has: you can enable or disable each block or block settings for different user roles. This feature can help you control the building of landing pages more closely.

Key features:

  • Provide 12 blocks with many strong customization options
  • Provide Gutenberg blocks for landing pages: Block Testimonial, Block Countdown, Block Form
  • Easily enable or disable blocks and block settings for each user roles

Genesis Block

Next, Genesis Block is a Gutenberg plugin that helps you build professional landing pages with flexible and nice blocks. This plugin provides 15 Gutenberg blocks and 2 more coming soon blocks with many useful features for landing pages such as Count Up, Testimonial, Call to Action, Pricing Table,... Moreover, Genesis Block allows you to create many layouts with 26 varied options.

Key features:

  • Have 15 blocks with various features
  • Easily build attractive landing pages with 26 layouts
  • Customize content with 56 pre-built content sections
    Save and reuse created layouts and sections

Editor Plus

The last plugin on the list is Editor Plus. With this plugin, you can easily add diverse Gutenberg blocks with different features. Especially, Editor Plus allows you to add Animation for images just with several clicks. By doing this, your landing pages will look more attractive and lively.

Stats Block/Counter Block, Countdown Timer Block, or Rating Block,... are the pre-built blocks that help you build catchy landing pages. In addition, Editor Plus provides many templates that you can use to set up many pages for different purposes.

Key features:

  • Provide 7 available basic blocks to easily customize
  • Provide different templates which will be updated weekly
  • Animation effects make the images more vivid, attractive

Last Words

It is easy for you to use Gutenberg and these plugins to create landing pages even when you are not tech-savvy. You can use the pre-built blocks, templates, and layouts that are available in Gutenberg and these plugins above. Each plugin has its own outstanding features, blocks, and diverse settings so just choose one based on your landing pages and your purposes.

Besides, when you have to create different landing pages for different campaigns, you can read a tutorial on how to create dynamic landing pages by custom field to save time and effort.

Don’t forget to share with us your experience when building WordPress and landing pages in the comment section. Good luck!

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