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Top Free Classic WordPress Themes For Bloggers

Top 10 Free Classic WordPress Themes For Any Bloggers in 2020

Creating a WordPress site has been a common way to start a personal blog thanks to the convenience and easy-to-use. Notably, effortless design procedures with millions of instant theme styles are available. Among these styles, classic is always an irresistibly attractive style to polish WordPress sites. So, if you are fond of it, you should not miss this collection of top 10 free classic blog themes for WordPress.

Let’s go and dig into each one!

Classic Blog

As shown by its name, Classic Blog brings the finest sense that defines how to stay classy. Designed for professional blogging, it owns a simple and well-organized layout with typical classic elements and decoration. That helps visitors fully enjoy a smooth & elegant experience. Everything is meticulously made, from the slider, content block, chosen fonts, etc.

Besides, the speed is amazing and it’s even translation ready to give you the smoothest experience. With Classic Blog by your side, it's easy to make people fall in love with your blog just like how you fall in love with blogging.

Theme Classic Blog has a simple and well-organized layout with typical classic elements

Highlight Features

  • Fully responsive
  • High-speed performance
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Translation ready
  • Featured slider


Wanna shine your content? Just stay sharp, keep writing, and then let Ignite do the rest. Specialized for content-prioritizing, Ignite blends your posts into a classic, clean, simplified layout. Readers will not miss any updates from your blog since the theme could make them prominent right at the first look.

It is definitely nothing to complain about the theme's speed and user interaction. More to say, Ignite is highly customizable. Users can make it their own way by choosing fonts, logos, slide layout, etc., with clear tutorials included.

Theme WordPress Ignite blends bloggers' posts into a classic, clean, simplified layout.

Highlight feature

  • Speed optimization
  • Content first design
  • Highly customizable
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Mobile friendly

Floral Lite

It is not excessive praise to consider Floral Lite as a classical work of art. Floral Lite brings a soft, minimal layout with a black-and-white color tone that will get viewers' impression easily. The typographic combination of classic and modern font styles make the theme even more eye-catching.

Design is not the only thing to talk about Floral. Responsive interaction, easy setup and configuring, and infinite scroll feature altogether put Floral to the top of your list. Sticky sidebar and header allow visitors to navigate conveniently, while Instagram and post slider makes them feel like visiting a vibrant art gallery, not a simple online blog.

Theme Floral Lite brings a soft, minimal layout with a black-and-white color tone for blogger websites

Highlight features

  • Responsive design
  • Post-related feed
  • Instagram in footer
  • Sticky sidebar and header
  • Speed and SEO optimization


Being classic from top to toe, that is how MadHat goes. The theme seems to provide anything you need to polish your content with a breeze from the ̣90s: high contrast colors, serif fonts, and especially various visual effects. They are applied and arranged in a very delicate way. With these advantages, the theme can be flexibly applied to multi-purpose blog websites. Blogging and doing picture showcases at the same time, for example, why not?

Device-friendly, highly customizable, high-resolution display compatible, etc., the reasons for choosing the theme are even more than that. Give it a try, and Madhat just won't let viewers take their eyes off your website.

Theme MadHat provides anything you need to polish blogger's content

Highlight features


Like a marvelous theme made for dreamy girls to write their love stories, Juliet is more than an ideal choice to make a headstart on blogging. Feminism and minimalism make the most of the theme's style with soft, bright, and floral decoration. Staying classic is sure a thing that Juliet can help, but it is even more than this. The design, generally, brings a stylish mix of the past and present, putting a one-of-a-kind outfit on your website and ready to make it a trendsetter.

WooCommerce integration, full header - footer widget, or automatically responsive Youtube videos are the most remarkable feature to tell, and that is not the end of the list. Explore Juliet yourself, it will not let you down.

Juliet is more than an ideal choice to make a headstart on being a blogger.

Highlight features

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Full header - footer widget
  • Automatically responsive Youtube videos.
  • Special Sticky Posts

Hive Lite

Reading a blog covered by Hive Lite feels like having a rendezvous with a suit-and-tie gentleman. Black-and-white colors, typical classic typography - decorations, simplified visual effects; Hive Lite is all about the simplicity that makes it to the finest of a classic design. Combining all these above, Hive Lite's symmetrical, center-aligned layout creates a perfect sense of professionalism, courtesy, and elegance. Sharing deep thoughts, aesthetic photo albums, profound quotes, or any, Hive Lite just simply fits them all.

Hive Lite is an open-source theme; that is the best feature since you can learn to customize WordPress themes. Simply said, Hive Lite is perfect, but it can even be more perfect in your own way.

Theme WordPress Hive Lite is designed with black-and-white colors and typical classic typography

Highlight features

  • Open-source code available
  • Highly customizable
  • Translation-ready
  • Masonry style blog

Saraswati Blog

Classic but in a colorful way, Saraswati Blog is an ideal choice for travel & lifestyle bloggers. Saraswati Blog is a mixture of classical design elements and a modern, clear layout. The theme also prioritizes the presence of your content, especially featured pictures in posts. Your spectacular trips, inspirational stories, or mix-and-match guides for your boutique, all will be stunningly displayed with Saraswati Blog.

Browser compatible, SEO-friendly, optimized loading time, Saraswati Blog has the crucial tools to help your blog go faster and further.

Saraswati Blog is an ideal theme for travel & lifestyle bloggers

Highlight features

  • Browser compatible
  • SEO-friendly
  • Optimized loading time
  • Valid HTML markup
  • Regular updates


"Pack up now and start the 80-day adventure that you've been dreaming about" - that seems to be the message EightyDays wanted to instill. The theme wholeheartedly endorses the presence of your photos so that readers won't miss any of your wonderful experiences. Featured posts, Instagram sliders, suggestions,... everything is picture-first. EightyDays makes things vibrant with a clean and bright color palette and keeps them classic with minimalized layout and decoration.

With high performance, responsive design, Instagram footer, and many other helpful features, EightyDays is going to make you go blogging effortlessly.

Theme WordPress EightyDays makes things vibrant with a clean and bright color palette

Highlight features

  • Instagram footer
  • Responsive design
  • Optimized loading time
  • Beautiful & easy customization
  • One-click demo import


If you are a food blogger, Elara is made for you. Designed to attract connoisseurs and kitchen lovers, Elara shows its significance by a meticulous, flowery, and vibrant design. Besides, the theme still successfully adds a classic vibe into its modern style by a neat layout and also the main fonts. Altogether, Elara opens a fantastic door for visitors to your world of foods, diets, and recipes.

Elara's features, including Instagram widgets, social media buttons, highly-customizable template, are ready to keep you connected with visitors and let your ideas fly.

Elara is made for food blogger

Highlight features

  • Highly customizable
  • Social buttons included
  • Various footer widget options
  • Social linking

Gema Lite

Professional photography blogging is the aim of Gema. The theme owns a unique, aesthetic layout design that turns your site into a gallery wall. Minimalism & classic in decorating and coloring initiative perfectly emphasize your main contents. Undoubtedly, Gema's design is what you need to "go pro".

Gema offers a smooth, responsive interface on any device. Gema is open-source available, and Gema worths you a try.

Gema aims to orofessional photography bloggers

Highlight features

  • Open-source code available
  • Highly customizable
  • Translation-ready
  • Unique masonry layout


To summarize, it is clear that those classic-oriented themes are highly flexible, especially for bloggers working in any field of interest: fashion, photography, cooking, and so on. Don't hesitate to pick your favorite and make your idea come true now, and also stay tuned to our site for the upcoming theme suggestions.

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