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Top 5 Arguments How Promoted Social Media Accounts Can Improve Your SEO

Top 5 Arguments How Promoted Social Media Accounts Can Improve Your SEO

As a business trying to create brand awareness for yourself online, you must be wondering if social media and SEO are mutually bound? Does your activity on your social media accounts affect your SEO in any way? Should you be focusing on creating promoted content to generate more visibility for your brand? Would doing so also render your brand and products more searchable online outside of the social media platforms?

The short answer to all of these is yes. The matter has seen much debate in the last decade and is likely to continue having advocates on both sides. Some are of the opinion that the two are mutually exclusive as far as search engine visibility is concerned. However, search engines and websites are constantly getting upgraded. It is increasingly evident that how your promotions fare on social media, especially on popular sites, affects your SEO in some ways. There is a noticeable correlation between a site’s social signals and how it fares in the SERPs.

How Promoted Social Media Accounts Can Improve Your SEO

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This is why several businesses sell services to increase engagement on promoted social media content to bump up SEO. In fact, companies like Instagrowing know precisely how to ensure that the algorithms triggered by promotional posts on your accounts reflect positively on your SEO. Suppose your business requires the services of such a service. In that case, you must remember to check that your purchase complies with the rules and policies of the social media platforms you have your accounts operational on. You can, of course, choose to let it all fall into place organically. All you would need in this case is patience and a strong marketing strategy. You would also need a budget plan for your promoted social media content.

Here are the top arguments on how promoted social media accounts can improve your SEO: 

Social Media Helps Build Search Demand

The most obvious advantage of promoted social media accounts for your SEO stems from the similarities in which the management strategies work for each. Social media management aims to create and publish content optimized to fare well on whichever social media accounts they get posted to. It aims for visibility and high reach to generate audience engagement. SEO management strategy aims at increasing the visibility of content to ensure that your site is easily discovered online via search engines.

  • Sharing content on your social media accounts creates opportunities for audience engagement on these channels. In other words, content sharing on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform boosts your website’s visibility by getting viewers to click, comment, share or react to your posts.
  • When your audience engages with what you post, they enable other people to link to their accounts, see their activities and, thus, bring your post more visibility. This resultant increase in visibility implies that now more viewers are likely to read your content and sites using the provided backlinks and embedded URLs.

With this strategy, as you create brand awareness, your business gets more discoverable online. You can use your content to provide quality backlinks that will bring in organic traffic.

  • This will create opportunities for link building and increase your domain authority and boost your search engine ranking.
  • Furthermore, this will reinforce activity on your posts as new audiences will conduct searches about you and your business out of curiosity while your existing audience will be coming back to engage with familiar content.

You must remember that the rise in search demand for your social media content pushes up your business sites in search ranks even when your sites themselves may not be SEO optimized. So do not worry if your posts miss out on providing ample backlinks. You can still hope for a jump-up in your SERP. This often happens because people tend to type in the brand or product in search bars when they see social media content of interest if they cannot find a readily available clickable backlink.

Argument about how Social Media Helps Build Search Demand to improve SEO

If you optimize and plan your social media account presence, you can boost your search demand by focusing on amplifying your posts and Stories’ visibility. If your social accounts are on “pay to play” social media platforms, creating promoted content indeed ensures greater on-platform visibility. This would provide more audience engagement with your post.

Nearly all social media networks allow for tracking audience engagement. Some of them, like Instagram Insights, is specially designed for business accounts to understand audience behavior. Even if the platform itself does not provide you with access to its tracking updates, you can easily install apps to keep yourself aware. From these insights, you can gather information on:

  • audience demographics;
  • time of greatest activity with your posts;
  • age, gender, and designations of your audience;
  • what kind of content does your usual audience engage with the most.

Such tracking algorithms enable you to study what the consumer really wants or is looking for when they go online.

Promoted content generates a more comprehensive data tracking in comparison to regular content. Strategically using this information can enable you to post content with relevant keywords tailored to the audience you want to reach. You can also optimize when to post content or when to be active online. It can help you make decisions regarding running localized audience-specific ads on your accounts.

Customized content based on user intent can dramatically increase organic search rates and social listings. Hence it is a good idea to invest in promoted content regularly. You will be able to track how your brand is faring online and plan your marketing strategies accordingly. Some of the most beneficial strategies here include:

  • Cross-post and share every promoted post across all your social media accounts.
  • Team up with other businesses in creating the posts so that you can maximize your reach to a joint target audience as beyond.
  • Invest in influencers, vloggers, bloggers, and other content creators to build trust and credibility while attempting to raise your SEO.
  • Pay to rerun ads or repost previously created content to keep your product in audience memory for a longer duration.

All of these methods will create an increased activity around your content and bring it greater visibility. This will, in turn, start the ball rolling for an indirect raise in your SEO.

Using the insights, structure your titles, description, and other tags in a manner that is likely to generate maximum engagement. Social interaction data can also help you figure out what kind of topics you should use to your advantage to build links and leads. Keep in mind that you are not just trying to grow traffic to your business. You are trying to generate relevant traffic that is likely to lead to your business’s high conversion rates.

Promoted Social Media Accounts Can Enable You to Establish Your Target Audience for SEO Content

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Your Social Media Presence Can Provide Opportunities for You to Generate New Content Conducive to SEO

A well-promoted social media post generates audience engagement in terms of comments, caption, shares, queries besides likes and other reactions. SEO copywriters can scan through this data to understand what frequently pops up in a viewer’s mind regarding the kind of content your company promotes. This helps them make a list of relevant keywords, which serves as a matter for fresh social media content that is sure to rank high up in searches.

  • With the data available from such research, create future content by optimizing it for the list of keywords that will likely bring you the most audience traction. This will ensure a steady flow of organic audience engagement with your post over time and thus create opportunities for improving your SEO. Remember to add quality backlinks to your website in these posts.
  • Use the list of keywords to build relationships with your audience. Engage with those who leave comments and likes, drop seasonal greetings for your audience, highlight consumer feedback and give shoutouts. Building strategic relationships can have long-lasting results both in terms of building up partnerships and your SEO.

Moreover, creating relationships with the relevant audience will earn you visibility within your industry and bring you opportunities to connect with experts in your field. This could potentially include having industry experts spread the word for you by using their posts to provide backlinks and mentions for you. You might find yourself being mentioned on various websites. This is likely to bring you a steady and organic increase in followers and engagement from a diverse audience, further leading to the cycle of creating valuable content and responses that will push your SEO up positively.

What You Post on Your Social Media Accounts Can Impact your SEO Ranking Signals

Yes, you read that right. While some social media engagements like sharing do not create much difference to your SEO ranking signals, some other attributes can cause a big improvement. These include parameters like:

  • How much time is your audience spending on a particular page or site?
  • What parts of the site are their interactions most prominently noticed?

Such activities trigger changes in your site’s algorithms, and these are caught by search sites. Such improvement in the metrics reflects on the SEO signal rankings of your site. As your visibility on social media grows and brings in more audience engagement, your SEO grows as well. To ensure you are harnessing this benefit:

  • Select your target audience with care;
  • Keep your content relevant;
  • Tailor content according to what the audience requires;
  • Run target-specific ads. Facebook and Instagram ads, for instance, can be tailored for a target audience and bring a traffic boost strong enough to send signals to prominent search engines.

This will ensure your visitors are spending considerable time browsing your page or site. Social media posts are a great way to bring this initial traffic boost to your site.

The longer the duration of audience interaction on your page, the better your bounce rate. The SEO signals picked up by the search engines will reflect this in an improved ranking based on the most frequently used keywords.

What You Post on Social Media Has a Faster Rate of Getting Indexed

What you share on your site and repost on your social media accounts are likely to get indexed by leading search engines and websites quicker than your other posts. This is because these contents draw audience engagement as soon as they get put up on social media.

Posts that get clicked, shared and viewed the most are the ones that draw traction from search engines and get crawled and re-indexed before other pages. The more diverse the traffic flow, the higher is the rate of indexing. This is why businesses schedule simultaneous cross-posting across various social media sites to boost their search engine visibility to the maximum.

If your link-building strategies are effective, your promoted content will likely see audience traffic from diverse locations and backgrounds, bringing up your ranking on most search sites.

If your posts have nothing to make them stand out from the millions of posts out there, the traffic is likely to dip in some time. Unique and fresh content sustains audience interest and is likely to find more shares and reposts. You can cash in on your promoted posts profitably if you can organically lead your audience to widen your outreach. The wider the distribution of your content spreads, the more engagement it is likely to invite. Well, thought-out promoted content can thus prove to be a profitable investment in more ways than one.

Summing Up

You can see that promoted social media accounts can be advantageous to your SEO in many ways. The two reinforce each other and bring your business more than just search engine visibility. Together they bring your brand exposure, goodwill, and credibility. This, in turn, ensures that your target audience turns into your clients. Thus, paid content on your social media accounts can not only boost your search ranking signals but can also bring your company revenue and lead generation. Do not hesitate to invest in promoted social media activities every once in a while. It can turn out to be a smart means of boosting your SEO.

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