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WordPress menu open in new tab

How to Open WordPress Menu in a New Tab?

Every website has menu navigation to tell us its content sections. It also helps describe what content website has. When we want to see more content, we simply click the corresponding item in the menu. Usually, the browser opens the new content in the current tab. However, when we want to keep the current page and want to open the menu in a new tab, how to do that? How to tell WordPress open menu in a new tab instead of the current tab?

Well, it's relatively simple to open WordPress menu in a new tab. You just need to go to the WordPress admin area. Then go to Appearance → Menu. Click the Screen Options on the top right of the screen to open options for the current page. And then select the checkbox Link Target:

open wordpress menu in new tab

Add "link target" to WordPress menu (click to enlarge)

Now, click the down arrow button in each menu item and you'll see a new option to Open link in a new tab and simply select that.

wordpress menu open in new tab

The option to open menu link in a new tab

Now when users click these menu items, the browser will open them in new tabs instead of the current tab.

You can do that for one or for multiple menu items. No necessarily do for all menu items. That helps you proactive in navigating users to other parts of the website without forgetting or loosing interesting or important content. A small tip here is open important content in a new tab, so users unlikely close it.

Opening menu in a new tab also helps increase the time users spent on your website. So, it helps improving SEO score.

Hope this tip is useful for you, especially for WordPress beginners. If you have any question, let us know in the comments.

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