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How to Change Logo in a WordPress Website?

How to Change Logo in a WordPress Website?

The logo is a principle part of every website, whether it's a business website or a blog. You probably want to choose a nice and suitable logo to upload to your web. But, how to use the logo file to ensure that it will display perfectly? How to change a logo, especially in WordPress? Let's find out in this article.

How to Change the Logo in WordPress

First of all, you should heed that each theme will specify how to adjust the logo and different types of logos you can use. There are slightly different actions in each theme. But basically, you can take the following actions for almost cases.

On the other hand, it might be different a lot if the theme has complex features or modified well. Therefore, you should read the documentation from the author, or ask them directly.

Step 1: Open the Customizer

In the admin dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize.

Open the Customizer

Then, you will see a screen that allows you to edit and preview all the changes on the website. This is the Customizer tool of the WordPress theme.

The Customizer tool of the WordPress theme.

Step 2: Go to the add/edit logo place

In the Live Preview interface of this Customizer, click the Header tab in the sidebar as the above image.

A logo usually is on the Header (the top area of the page), so we need to go to the Header section of the website to change it. Otherwise, if the logo is located in the Footer, select the Footer section.

At this point, you will see an item named Logo or Header Logo, or something similar (depending on the theme). Click on it.

Go to the add/edit logo place

Next, a table of options will appear. As you know, each theme will give you different options here. As my one, it provides two options which are text and image types.

A table of options will appear

Choose one here. If you choose a logo in the image format, the theme will also give you the options to post images as follows:

Select the type of logo which you need to add or change.

Select the type of logo which you need to add or change.

Step 3: Choose a logo to post

In the above interface, click Change Image (if you want to replace) or Select Image (if you want to post a new one). A window as below will appear to choose an image.

Choose a logo to post

You can choose to upload images from your computer or select images from an available one on the website's media library.

Then, click the Choose Image button (see the above image).

Step 4: Save the new changes

Now, in the preview window, check your logo if it displays well or not. If it is alright, click the Publish button to save the changes on your website.

Save the new changes

So you've successfully added/changed the logo for your WordPress site.

As you can see, there are many types of logos that the theme author offers you to choose from in step 2. Each of these logos has its own meaning. You need to know about each one to make sure that your logo displays properly and beautifully on any kind of screen.

Here are some common types for your consideration.

Logo display position

There are two places where the logo will show: on the website (1), and on the tab name in the browser (Favicon logo) (2).

There are two places where the logo will show

The one on the website is the full version of the logo. And the Favicon Logo usually is an icon that is brief and a replacement for the full version. Favicon Logo has the size is 16x16px will has the best appearance.

You should pay attention to both positions to design and choose the right types of image for your logo.

Logo for different screen types

Depending on the theme, you will have several options for the logo such as Regular Logo, Retina Logo, or logo for Apple devices.

  • Regular Logo: is the logo generally used when the website is displayed on common devices and browsers.
  • 5Retina Logo: This logo appears when the website is displayed on the Retina screens. Retina screen often has a higher resolution than previous screen generations. The Regular Logo can not meet the required resolution of the Retina screen. Therefore, it will not appear good enough on Retina devices.

If your theme supports Retina Logo, you should make a specific image for it. The Retina logo is usually two times larger than the Regular Logo. In case the theme does not support this logo, you can install the Retina 2x plugin.

You should also note that the file name of the Retina Logo is pretty much important. You must name it the same with the Regular Logo and add a suffix is @2x. For example, if the file name of the Regular Logo is logo.png, the Retina Logo’s one must be logo@2x.png.

  • Specific Logo for Apple devices: I rarely see this type. But if your theme supports it, you should use it to polish your logo on Apple devices. This is an icon to serve for display on an iPhone or iPad. This kind of logo also has regular and Retina type. If you use this logo, you should design it with the dimensions of 72x72px.

Final Words

Although changing the logo is quite easy with a few simple steps, you should remember that the execution in each theme is different. Nevertheless, don't forget to choose the proper images for each type of logo.

Hopefully, you can choose a logo that can display well on all devices after reading this post. Enjoy it!

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