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20+ Best Video WordPress Themes

If you want to run a website to store your videos, moments and memories like in your own room, WordPress surely can help you accomplish this. However, you need to prepare yourself a well-qualified WordPress theme to have the best result and attract visitors. To help you choose the desired theme, we’ve reviewed some of the best services in the market and list 20+ best current video WordPress themes. Each of these WordPress themes is well-designed and includes many prominent features. Let’s explore them!

1. VideoPro

This grid-based VideoPro WordPress theme is fully matched with any kinds of video-heavy websites. The multiple layouts with robust, modern design are what you can benefit from. However, it just focuses on content performance more than design. The customization tools allow users to extremely personalize this theme as much as they want.

Furthermore, the theme’s features are amazing. This theme lets you embed various video links and import videos from Youtube and Vimeo’s channel with a few clicks. You can even easily build and manage a multi-episode video series, video playlist, video channel, or live video also.

VideoPro from WordPress Theme

Highlight features

  • Live stream
  • Front end video submit
  • Various video network
  • Video series, video playlist, video channel
  • Floating video player
  • Import video from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Video actor and actress
  • Affiliate features
  • Video Rating
  • Watch Later

2. VideoTube

VideoTube is designed to give users comfort and amenity. It also has more than 10 homepages templates to showcase content in the most well-organized, modern and clean way. In addition to this, this versatile theme can be used for a video-based website or a media-rich blog seamlessly. The work of customization is enhanced by the Visual Composer page builder included.

With VideoTube, users can implement various actions from collecting, showing and sharing the video. Notably, any video from the channels like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or those which support oEmbed protocol or any sites that supports Iframe/embed code can be embedded perfectly. Finally, good speed helps you have a better experience.

Videotube - 20+ best video wordpress themes

Highlight features

  • Channel page
  • Featured Videos Area
  • Like Button & View count
  • Automatic video thumbnails
  • Upload your own videos
  • Users’ Video submission and contribution
  • Page builder compatibility

3. Vlog

Being a decent and classic theme, Vlog brings about a relaxed and harmonic experience for any kind of video-based website or magazine. The multi-layout for different areas and flexible image sizes help Vlog become so diverse and flexible. And of course, you can easily turn it to any layout you want with the powerful Customizer.

Vlog is totally compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other common channels. Other features like video playlist, watch later, sticky video,... can give users the best watching time ever. Especially, the highly optimal speed makes this theme stand out from the crowd.

Vlog - Video theme from Themeforest

Highlight features

  • Sticky video
  • Watch later and Cinema mode
  • Auto-detect video thumbnail
  • Import video from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Video playlist

4. Truemag

Next is Truemag. This content-driven theme has a cool and elegant appearance. It’s mainly based on the extremely neat and clean content-box layout. Truemag is highly recommended for publishers, sellers or any ultimate monetization purpose.

Besides WooCommerce, it’s compatible with One-click installation and fully responsive Google AdSense.

TrueMag - 20+ Best Video WordPress Themes

Highlight features

  • Translation Ready
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • One-Click Installation
  • Responsive and Mobile-Optimized
  • Ad and AdSense optimized
  • Import video from Youtube and Vimeo
  • WooCommerce

5. DigiMag

If you are looking for a professional video blog or any news website, DigiMag is one of the best choices with the modern and robust design. The video lists with two styles, trending articles and featured sliders can exhibit your video and posts prominently.

Moreover, users can set it up within a few clicks with One-click demo import compatibility. Notably, DigiMag has been optimized for SEO and Speed so that you can have the smoothest experience with it.

DigiMag - Best Video themes from Gretathemes

Highlight features

  • SEO optimization
  • Multiple layouts
  • Featured sliders
  • Trending Articles
  • Video list
  • One-click demo import

6. NewsTube

This content-focused theme NewsTube can display as many posts as you can imagine in a trendy, energetic and modern design. With various layouts, users can switch to any style within a few clicks and use it for any kind of website, especially a video-heavy one too.

Adding advertisements over the main video becomes so simple with Cactustthemes’ Video Ad. Moreover, it’s compatible with WooCommerce, One-click demo import, and other popular plugins to quickly import videos from the giants.

Newstube - top 20 video themes

Highlight features

  • Video channel
  • Video playlist
  • Video composer
  • Google Adsense Optimized
  • WooCommerce
  • One-click demo import

7. VideoTouch

VideoTouch theme is famous for many cool custom widgets and posts layouts. The design concentrates on content-performance so that no block is hidden. Especially, with the unlimited layout and the premium features, VideoTouch can make your website so prominent.

Being aware of how users share and use video, this theme lets you use any video source like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Mp4Video...easily.

Video Touch from Top themes for video

Highlight features

  • Front-end submission
  • Video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more
  • Demo content included.
  • Responsive design
  • Google fonts integrated.

8. Snaptube

Seeing how well-organized and cool your video WordPress site is with Snaptube. This is a premium and easy-to-use theme. It’s highly crafted to fit with any style or layout you want with the Frontend Page Building.

The key feature of Snaptube lies in the three-step set up that allows you to rapidly have a fully-functional and beautiful website after installing this theme. It already supports many popular plugins to become more powerful and feature-rich.

Seeing how well-organized and cool your video WordPress site is with Snaptube

Highlight features

  • Frontend Page Building
  • Preroll Ads, Postroll Ads, Midroll Ads, and IMA Ads
  • Ad Skip
  • Embed YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Self-hosted videos
  • One-click demo import

9. VidoRev

VidoRev provides users with multiple layouts and many premium features that a video WordPress theme needs. The elegant and well-balanced design is also another advantage that users will be satisfied with.

It’s fully functional for a video website with outstanding features like Video series, Storage mode for users submit video files, Trailer video for premium content, Importing video from Youtube... Besides, users can easily edit posts thanks to Front-end editing. These are just the tips of the iceberg and you can explore more when using it.

VidoRev - Trending video theme

Highlight features

  • Video series
  • Video channel
  • Most viewed movies
  • Storage mode
  • Trailer video
  • Importing video from Youtube
  • Front-end editing

10. Betube

Betube with light and dark version is among the trendy-designed WordPress theme for many purposes. Along with the elegance and grace, this theme brings about multiple homepage layouts to make your website fit anywhere.

Now you can easily insert videos from all big video websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Hulu...and display video through beautiful Slider and Featured Video. Especially, you can make use of the Video Advertisement plugin to turn it to an online market.

Betube - 20+ video wordpress theme

Highlight features

  • Embed YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Self-hosted videos
  • Bb Press ready
  • Buddy Press ready
  • Built-in widget for video
  • Video Advertisement plugin
  • Floating video player

11. Vlogger

Vlogger lies in the top trending for video WordPress themes. No doubt that this full-width, trendy and lively theme can attract people at first sight. Moreover, with Page Builder compatibility, users can easily drag and drop to create amazing templates. And not only perform well on desktop, but Vlogger also looks perfect on mobile devices.

It covers all features for a theme and more like Video Youtube importing and automatic twitch embedding. Particularly, with more than 12 Ad slots, you can monetize your Videos effectively.

Vlogger - Top 20 video themes

Highlight features

  • Interactive playlist cards
  • Page builder compatibility
  • Video tutorial
  • Video series
  • Full video support
  • Youtube video import
  • One-click demo import
  • Watch later

12. SKT filmmaker

SKT Filmmaker can help you boost your photograph, video, or any media with the best dark, bold and creative design. Besides various layouts, this full-width theme has an intuitive, eye-catching style that minimizes any distraction to the reader’s eyes also.

Together with the design-focused style, it’s well-known for being easy to use and highly customizable with One-click demo import and Page builder compatibility. Extraordinary things like Testimonial, Background Video, Services or Call to Action make your website an extremely professional one. However, it concentrates on performance more than features for a video theme.

Let read this careful review of this theme here.

SKT Filmmaker - 20+ best video wordpress themes

Highlight features

  • One-click demo import
  • Page builder compatibility
  • Social media links
  • Testimonial
  • Video background
  • Services
  • Call to action

13. VideoBox

It’s time to show off your video content in an intuitive way with VideoBox. The design is well-balanced, friendly and elegant, giving users a sense of comfort and relaxation. Especially, Beaver Builder will help you create a beautiful homepage with no restriction.

This theme includes important features like the wide support for YouTube, Vimeo,...floating video, video trailer, self-hosted video at the top, video lightbox. Especially, WooCommerce will help you sell everything online easily.

Video Box - Top 20 best WordPress Themes

Highlight features

  • Beaver Builder compatibility
  • One-click demo import
  • WooCommerce
  • Floating video
  • Video trailer
  • Video Embeds from 99% Video Sites

14. Videoly

This multiple-layout theme will cheer you up with the bright, clean and well-organized design of Videoly. The most impressive temperaments of this theme are various beautiful ways to show videos and the fast loading time. Especially, Visual Composer page builder will help you modify the design without coding.

Videoly - Top 20 Best video wordpress theme

Highlight features

  • Featured Video With Post
  • Video Block
  • Custom Ads Space Area
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Visual Composer page builder compatibility

15. Seos Video

The bold and daring design of Seos Video will absolutely give you a big “wow”. With a tone of lively animation and attractive features to display video, this WordPress theme is ideally used for every dynamic and modern website.

YouTube and Vimeo embed code, Video Post Type, Video Slider are the common things you are looking for a WordPress video theme. Besides, it has Over 500 Google Fonts, Advertisement and a long list of Custom features.

Seos Video themes

Highlight features

  • Woocommerce
  • Scroll Animations
  • YouTube and Vimeo embed code field
  • BuddyPress
  • Over 500 Google Fonts
  • Video Post Type
  • Video Slider

16. Joker

Joker is reputed for diverse layout and full-width style for the gallery, portfolio, that it can make perfect outfit to any users or kind of website. Additionally, this theme gives users favorable conditions for displaying videos outstandingly like Video Youtube or Vimeo background.

However, this is a design-focused theme so the list of features for video can’t be compared with the other feature-rich video theme.

Joker - Top 20 best WordPress Themes

Highlight features

  • One-Click Installation
  • Visual Composer page builder compatibility
  • 13 variants of Homepage layout
  • Video Youtube and Vimeo background
  • Newsletter subscribe form;
  • Social share buttons
  • Cloud zoom and lightbox popup

17. Gigawatt

If you want something different and nostalgic, Gigawatt is among the most ideal choices as it’s so vintage and unique. Gigawatt shows up with a grungy and bold style for picture-related industries and video portfolio site.

This theme is easy to use and customize so you don’t need to know anything about coding to have a qualified designed and feature-rich theme. Plus, the list of features for video theme include intriguing ones like Self Hosted Video Support, embed code support, HD and SD video selectors.


Gigawatt - Video theme from WordPress theme

Highlight features

  • oEmbed code support
  • Self Hosted Video Support
  • HD and SD video selectors
  • WooCommerce
  • One dark and two light Color Schemes

18. VideoMag

VideoMag is definitely a powerful video magazine theme with stunning features. For example, it supports Vimeo, Vine, Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch, and self-hosted videos, automatically generates thumbnails for Youtube, Vimeo video or more. Moreover, Page Builder compatibility can help you drag and drop to build a complex, content-rich page without coding knowledge.

As for the design, VideoMag has a clean and friendly look. And it seems like the author dedicates to video performing more than the general design.

VideoMag - Top 20 best WordPress Themes

Highlight features

  • One-Click Installation
  • Support Vimeo, Vine, Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch, and self-hosted videos
  • Auto-generate thumbnails for Youtube,
  • Multi-language

19. VideoStories

If you are a minimalistic-oriented user, just tell own stories through videos with VideoStories. The minimal, clean and decent style of this theme can calm your eyes as well as bring about the flawless reading strategy.

Now that VideoStories is specialized for video-based sites, you can place videos as the featured image. Moreover, VR or 360 videos make this theme stand out from the crowd.

Videostories - Top 20 best WordPress Themes

Highlight features

  • Video Popup System For Marketer
  • Demo importer
  • Schema Support
  • Awesome Video player
  • Support VR or 360 videos

20. Videofly

The design of this theme highlight content performance with various layouts and options, which are all creative and modern. You can use Videofly easily for any kind of video website.

The main theme features will amaze you with a tone of essential and premium things like Front-end submission, oEmbed code support, Youtube importer and so on. And remember that you have different ways to add advertisements to your site using Text over ad and Image over ad.

Videofly - best video themes

Highlight features

  • Video playlist
  • Youtube importer
  • oEmbed code support
  • Video source available
  • Advertising manager
  • Pre-roll ads

21. Video Theme

Video Theme is designed to create YouTube-like websites with WordPress. This can be an entertainment channel, a video submission site, an educational website with videos and blogs, a video portal like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or Vine.

The videos can be submitted by visitors from the front end using the online submission forms. The Video theme is carefully crafted keeping user experience as well as simplified admin usability in mind. It comes with a wide array of useful widgets using which you redesign your homepage and display the videos that mean most to you. Moreover, there are ad spots to display advertisements and ad monetize your website and even a video slider. You can even include a gallery of YouTube videos right into your video website.

The video theme will let you create a feature-packed website with just the amount of options to give you the right flexibility while limiting them so that the visitors don’t get confused.

Video theme is designed to create YouTube-like websites with WordPress

Highlight features

  • Generate Video Thumbnails
  • Automatic YouTube Gallery
  • Easily share on social media
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack
  • WPML plugin
  • WooCommerce support

Final words

These 20+ themes are among the best solutions for the WordPress video theme. As for those who love photography and videos, themes that support video and image display like VideoPro, VideoTube, Vlog, Joker are the perfect choices. And the Magazine-style themes like DigiMag, TrueMag can be fitted well with bloggers. Depending on your purpose, we hope that you can make your website outstanding with favorite theme after reading our suggestions.

One more important thing, your website has a lot of high quality photos or videos, so you need a high bandwidth and DMCA protection. This is why we advise you to choose a hosting service that provide those features as AbeloHost - an offshore hosting provider that has been working with video websites for more than a decade. With them, your website is sure to succeed.

Let start creating your own website today!

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