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Let Your Website Standout: Using the Power of WordPress Themes

Let Your Website Standout: Using the Power of WordPress Themes

So you have built a nice WordPress website. You already have nice content that could attract audiences, photos and videos are already in places and everything seems ready to go. However, your website still looks dull. This means you are missing out on something.

WordPress theme is one of the most important factors that add life to your website. There are tons of themes available online, and you might find it hard to choose the best WordPress themes for your website. After all, the theme you are going to choose will be representing your business. For instance, Tomedes, a multilingual website uses blue and black background along with back and white photos, which is just right for a professional service company’s website.

Why WordPress themes are important

Love at first sight. Most readers online tend to look at the website’s appearance first before they proceed to its content. It is important for a website to captivate the online user’s eyes so it can turn them into an audience, and eventually a customer.

Themes make your website look attractive and catches the attention of the readers. However, you need to make sure that the theme you are going to choose matches the characteristics if your campaign or it will look off and users will not stay on your website.

Functionality at its finest. WordPress website would be less functional without themes. It will also allow you to handle multiple websites all at once, saving you from spending on different themes for multiple sites.

Smoother browsing experience. A website that supports different browsers would help you gain more audiences. A WordPress theme could help you in this matter. It gives your audience a better user experience, you’ll have a better chance of gaining more customers. Everybody is happy!

Selecting the best WordPress theme

WordPress themes come with lots of customization options. Furthermore, a wrong code could completely mess the website. There will be a chance that it would be impossible to fix the code and you will need the help of a developer to change the theme itself.

Moreover, there are WordPress themes that look really good, however, there’s a chance that it can make your website really slow. Users hate slow websites and Google gives higher ranks to faster websites.

Below are the important reminders when selecting the best WordPress theme:

Opt for simplicity

Most WordPress themes have colorful and complex layouts with flashy animations. Most of the time, you do not really need these features at all.
Opt for a simple design that could support your campaign. It should look good but it should not compromise the simplicity and usability of your website.

Make sure that it is responsive

Your theme should be able to adjust to different devices and screen sizes. Today, most web traffic is generated through handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Google puts mobile-friendly websites at the top of its mobile search results. While most WordPress themes are naturally responsive, there are theme shops that are still selling themes with fixed layouts that don’t work at handheld devices. So, you have to be careful at selecting the themes and its seller.

Check the browser compatibility

Different users use different browsers. While the theme you pick works perfectly with the browser you are using, it may not work properly in another.

You need to test the theme to different browsers. Developers even use browser compatibility testing tools to make sure it will work properly on any platform. Don’t miss testing the theme on mobile browsers as well.


WordPress relies on plugins. WordPress plugins allow you to do things on your WordPress website. There are many plugins available but you should only choose those that are highly needed for every website. Make sure that your theme supports all important plugins, You can ask a theme developer if you are not sure about it.

Choose a theme that is translation and multilingual ready

You want your website content to reach as many audiences as possible. While your theme might look really attractive to the eye of the users, some of them from foreign countries might not understand the message of your content.

Many WordPress sites are not in the English language and for the site to be more competitive, the user may need to translate the website to English. Furthermore, it is advisable to make sure that your theme supports translation and multilingual plugins.

On the other hand, your website translation should be done perfectly to make sure that aside from an attractive theme, your content will also look good as well in the eye of foreign readers. With this in mind, hiring professional translation services would be the best decision.

How to choose a good WordPress theme shop

There are tons of WordPress theme shop available online, but you need to carefully choose the vendor where you are going to get your themes from.

Aside from a long list of themes, the vendor should also offer demos where you can check and visualize your website in that theme. If possible the vendor should be approachable enough to give you some guidelines on how to edit WordPress themes for minor adjustments. You also need to check and read the reviews about theme and theme shop and make sure that their customer support is responsive.

This quick guide should help you decide to pick the best theme for your WordPress website and choose a good theme shop to help you set up your WordPress theme.

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