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How to Write SEO-Friendly Content for an eCommerce Website

9 Important Tips to Write SEO-Friendly Content for an eCommerce Website

If you are running an eCommerce website, it means that your main goal is to sell services or goods. To do that, you have to attract users to purchase items in a safe and simple way. However, with all the competition today, it is a demanding and challenging task to stand out. If you wish to do that, it is crucial to learn how to write SEO-friendly content.

Let’s go through all the steps you should take to make sure your eCommerce content is search engine-friendly.

Choose Optimal Keywords for Your Niche and Brand

Make sure to choose keywords that are most relevant for your business. If you have problems with it, you can get help from keyword planning tools, advanced SEO tools, academic writing websites, or SEO professionals.

It is better and more effective to use longer keywords (four or more words) because the shorter ones have too much competition and probably have been overused. Take a look at GoinFlow’s example of how long-tail keywords for e-commerce, such as “control thermostat with a smartphone,” have a high conversion rate and low competition, unlike single word phrases (e.g., “thermostat”) which aren’t that effective.

Choose Optimal Keywords to write SEO-friendly content for your WordPress eCommerce website

The important thing is to build your website only after you have chosen keywords, and not before.

Use the Best Headlines and Subheadings

High-level headings will have the strongest impact on the way your website is perceived by search engines. While Sub-headings are also a great way to gain SEO points and make the texts more readable for your audience. provides us with a great example of how subheadings contribute to content’s readability when they introduce their product.

Use the Best Headlines and Subheadings for your eCommerce website

Know Who Your Audience is

Whenever you are trying to sell something, you need to have in mind that not everyone will be interested in purchasing it. Thus, it is important to know what types of people are the target audience, understand who would be interested in your products and why, and try to think like the prospective customers. The question is – how do you choose?

There are many ways to choose your target audience. Firstly, you have to ask yourself who will benefit from your business and what you have to offer. If you are a beginner, you can compare yourself to other similar brands. It means that you should look beyond your website, and try to analyze your competition, gather information, and collect insights about the target audience.

One of the best ways to do the research is to use the analytics feature of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where you can gather information about followers of your website, such as the gender of a person, languages he/she speaks, country or city they come from, etc. Knowing these kinds of information can be very beneficial and helpful.

Determine the audience of your WordPress website to write SEO-friendly content

Check Out the Competition

Using popular tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Ubersuggest, you can do a quick competitor analysis to see how other brands in your industry play the SEO game. These tools can inform you of the leading competitor in your market (based on traffic analysis). They allow you to track certain website’s organic search visibility, discover competitors’ most successful keywords, etc.

Check Out the Competition to write SEO-friendly content

If you don’t want to use competitor analysis tools, you can always monitor your competitors by “spying” on their customers’ comments. Take notice of which products get the best reviews, what customers like/dislike about your competitors, which website content gets the most attention from customers, and similar. You can learn a lot about your target customers and their preferences in this way.

Revamp and Repost Old Content

Your content should constantly be upgraded and expanded to stay relevant. Even content that ranked well in the past can lose its score as time passes. For example, the article "Top Christmas WordPress Themes You Cannot Miss in 2019" won't attract users in 2020, so you should update its content to make a new article "Top Christmas WordPress Themes You Cannot Miss in 2020". Services like Grabmyessay can help you re-write your old content and make it rank high on search engines when it’s reposted.

Moreover, repurposing old content can lead you to rank well with both content posts for the same keyword. Consequently, you’ll drive more audience to your website. Not to mention that you’ll have a chance to attract new customers with content that has already proven to work for your target audience.

Content marketer Matthew Woodward tested this theory. He used LinkedIn to recycle a few of his popular blog SEO-related posts. They converted around 76% and brought Matthew 332 new subscribers.

Revamp and Repost Old Content in your eCommerce website

Pay Attention to Links

For optimal SEO and good XML sitemaps, you should include many internal links that will connect your pages to one another. Internal links will bring more traffic to your web content and, thus, signal to Google that they are high-value pages.

Set up your internal link strategy by following these steps:

  • Determine your most important and most valuable content
  • Find and connect content topics that are somewhat related
  • Link hierarchical post types
  • Link taxonomies like categories and tags
  • Add links to your most popular and most recent posts

However, before you link to some of your pages, make sure you check whether you have any broken or 404 pages.

When you’re linking to external websites, you should make sure they are credible and have a high domain authority score. External links from reputable sources show search engines that your content is valuable. Plus, it provides you with a source of free traffic for your website.

Post Content of Optimal Length

The ideal length for a blog post constantly changes. This is because search engine algorithms change and start preferring one type of content to another. Currently, long-form content is definitely the way to go. According to research from 2020, the ideal blog post length would be near 2,000 words.

Aim for the Highest Quality

This one is closely related to the point about upgrading and updating your content. Your blog posts and texts should always be of maximum quality if you want to compete with other eCommerce competitors. If users don’t like your content and quickly bounce from the site, search engines will note this and negatively rate your website.

Add Visuals and Multimedia

Always try to post interesting, innovative, and original text to attract the readers, and divide it into paragraphs with headlines. This will make it easier for readers to read, which means that they are more likely to share the text with someone else.

However, do not forget about the visual effects. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; humans are mostly visual creatures who understand visuals easier than the text alone.

There is always an increased chance that customers will buy something if they have a visual representation of a product and can see what they are dealing with. Images bring products “to life” and help customers to imagine using them in real life.

Just take a look at how Dormeo uses visuals to bring warmth to their website content.

Add Visuals and Multimedia to your WordPress website

Do not forget to put your primary keywords in the description and alt text of an image because, in that way, the search engine will connect words to images. However, if you don't have time for writing alt text, try the Slim SEO plugin. This plugin can help you add alt text automatically.


Be aware that SEO-friendly content for eCommerce is crucial to increasing your ranking and visibility with search engines. You will strengthen your relationship with users and customers, who will then certainly spread the word and make your brand and online store highly respected and successful. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to work and update your website every day because trends are constantly changing, while customers seek original and innovative products and ideas.

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