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Top 13+ WordPress Themes for Online CV

Top 13+ WordPress Themes for Online CV

Whether you're a fresh graduate or want to find a better job, you'll need a resume to showcase all of your skills and this, hopefully, stand out yourself with other competitors. However, at this time, a resume or CV is not enough. A better way to impress HR managers is to create a personal website with the help of a resume WordPress theme to describe your expertise, education, and experience. Join us to discover the top 15 WordPress themes for the online CV below.

Benefits of Using Online CV WordPress Theme

Here are some benefits of creating an online CV WordPress website with the help of online resume WordPress themes.

  • You can have enough space to present and add personal highlights without being confined to the usual CV format.
  • An online CV website has no capacity limit.
  • When you add skills and experience, your CV store locations can be updated immediately and contact you to call for an interview without you applying.
  • It can send to other people very easily, giving you more opportunities.
  • You don't need to attach mail multiple times if you apply multiple places.
  • Online CV Theme looks more professional and modern.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress Themes for Online CV and Resume

However, it has some disadvantages like:

  • If you apply for many different positions but need to modify the CV accordingly, the online CV will be difficult to meet.
  • You need to carefully choose a printable theme for employers to print when needed.

What are the Main Features of Excellent Resume Themes?

There are plenty of resume themes for WordPress CV available today and choosing one of them can be difficult - especially when you're not sure what to look for. Here is a list of the main features of great resume themes that make your choice easier.

Responsive Design

Your website WordPress CV theme must be equally accessible on desktop and mobile.


Your resume page needs an entry or page about your qualifications, skills, and experience. It will work well in conjunction with your resume or CV, so make sure there is a section dedicated to attaching relevant information.


This is where your website has the opportunity to highlight your written resume with the WordPress CV theme. Instead of a list of references, you can introduce what your previous employers or clients have said about you, which is definitely a way to increase credibility.

Contact Information

Include not just your email and phone number but also your professional social media profiles with the WordPress CV theme.


You can include a picture and a detailed description of tasks related to certain projects or intuitively introduce relevant work.

Attractive design

Great design WordPress CV theme is a need if you want to stand out from others. A high-quality WordPress theme is focused on the skills and qualifications you have, not the showy flamboyance with a flashy presentation.

The best WordPress resume theme

And now, explore our collection of outstanding WordPress CV resume themes. This is a selection of more than fifteen great WordPress resume themes for many professionals such as designers, photographers, programmers, marketers, and more.


The Profession is a neat and responsive resume theme with horizontal and vertical layout options and eight color templates available. You can quickly set up a great personal website with this professional theme.

Profession has the following salient features:

  • The portfolio section allows you to use quotes, image sliders, videos, and audio to showcase your previous work.
  • The default horizontal layout helps your site look unique. In addition, it can also be changed to portrait mode on mobile devices.
  • This theme comes with a beautiful and easily customizable Layer Slider in the theme options panel.
  • This WordPress CV Theme also includes sections for your skills and resume, along with a blog to share your expertise.

Profession is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Zwin is a WordPress CV theme that has the look of a traditional resume but with a bit of a modern twist. It is built as a one-page theme, responsive uses tabs to organize different sections of your profile.

Zwin has the following salient features:

  • It provides all the functionality of a quality theme with options including skills, education, and portfolio with photo and video support.
  • This WordPress CV theme includes detailed categories for contact information, along with custom layout and colors you love. Zwin comes with five pre-made color templates that can be easily adjusted in the Backend and you can also add your social media profiles easily.

Zwin is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes

Kerge CV/Resume Theme

Kerge CV is a trendy, responsive theme with two distinct styles: dark and light. It also has a beautiful sticky sidebar menu, full-screen header image and large hero content to showcase yourself prominently.

Kerge CV has the following salient features:

  • This WordPress CV theme also includes a working contact form where you can insert a Google Map as well as a slider for comments.
  • Kerge CV also has a blog site template with four different layouts and an easy-to-use admin panel to customize the theme to your liking.

Kerge CV is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


If you love flat design, consider this ShiftCV model. This theme includes a dark and light version with colorful tabs to showcase different items in your resume.

ShiftCV has the following salient features:

  • You can include basic information about yourself, add colorful widgets to show your skills, and use the working contact form and Google Map to show your actual location.
  • This WordPress CV theme can become a personal blog for you if you like, which is extremely helpful if you're passionate about writing.
  • You can customize the highlighted color and click on other custom settings through this theme options panel.

ShiftCV is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


If you want a unique theme with lots of customization options, you can refer to Ikonik. The theme looks like a triplet brochure, with a cover page and three pages inside that contain all the important information that would normally be in a resume.

Ikonik is a WordPress CV theme has the following salient features:

  • You can include timelines, comments, portfolio, contact information, skills, education, and it even has a button to download resumes.
  • This theme offers many predefined styles, a powerful theme options panel, Google’s font support, and custom shortcodes.

Ikonik is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Glitche is a colorful and minimalist WordPress resume portfolio theme based on different colored menu tabs used to display the content of those pages.

Glitche has the following salient features:

  • This theme contains a blog with comments, a working contact form, a slider, a built-in gallery with video support and multiple social icons to choose from.
  • This theme is also fully customizable to create your own CV website with a unique style.

Glitche is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


This WordPress CV Theme has four different layouts to choose from to suit a specific niche. RSCard is designed with a modern, easy-to-see interface so that employers can easily know the information you provide.

RSCard has the following salient features:

  • The homepage can be configured as a one-page newspaper theme with relevant information and it even includes a calendar entry so you can display your availability time.
  • The blog site, as well as the powerful page builder, also comes with allowing you to customize the layout that best suits your needs.
  • This theme is fully Responsive and Retina Ready, and above all, you can easily customize it through the theme options panel, where you can change the font, colors, multiple design options, and more.

RSCard is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


RyanCV provides a complete range of essential information as well as a variety of presentation modes. RyanCV has a simple and decent design. On the screen, it will display all items to introduce yourself such as name, age, level, previous workplace, contact, ... so you can easily edit and supplement information.

RyanCV is a WordPress CV theme which has the following salient features:

  • This theme supports YouTube videos and a slider, integrates with ECWID plugin to set up an online store, and more.
  • The theme options panel lets you customize every aspect of the site and includes many shortcodes and over 500 icons to add visual appeal to your online resume.

RyanCV is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Cvio is a beautiful WordPress theme that includes a number of predefined layouts. Cvio has the following salient features:

  • Have many predefined content blocks that allow you to easily change page layouts through the Visual Composer plugin.
  • You can also take advantage of many custom icons to highlight different sections of your profile page.
  • Many different layouts on WordPress CV theme, color, and layout give you the freedom to choose according to your preferences.

Cvio is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes

cvCard WP

cvCard WP is a clean and minimal WordPress CV theme with the horizontal sliding layout. cvCard WP has the following salient features:

  • This theme offers many predefined styles, giving you a good starting point in your site design.
  • In addition to including your portfolio, skills, education, and profile information, this theme also includes an active AJAX contact form as well as a blog site.
  • This theme settings page allows you to customize styles, fonts, social icons, and more.

cvCard WP is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Bionic is a responsive, professional, and versatile WordPress CV theme. Bionic has the following salient features:

  • It was built with the Visual Composer plugin to create custom layouts and modify existing ones easily.
  • This theme includes four pre-made homepage demos that can be easily installed using the one-click demo feature.
  • This portfolio has three different layouts available to present your past work in a specific style.
  • It also has plenty of optional options making this theme a great choice for designers, photographers, and those who want a truly unique personal website.

Bionic is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Ukko is a stylish one-page resume theme perfect for introducing your resume, work history, projects, and other professional information. Ukko has the following salient features:

  • This theme has a lot of items to cover all the important details you want to convey to potential employers.
  • It can also be fully customized via a table of intuitive theme options.
  • On top of that, this theme is easy to translate into another language and supports responsive design.

Ukko is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Identity is a great WordPress CV theme for anyone who wants a video to introduce themselves to potential employers. Identity has the following salient features:

  • This theme has two layouts, one of which has a nice video title.
  • In addition to the biography and portfolio, this theme also includes a timeline presentation for your resume, as well as a review section and process for your skills.
  • Identity has a completely Responsive and Retina Ready interface and can be fully customized to fit your personal brand.

Identity is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Promotion will surely attract the attention of potential employers thanks to its beautiful, lively design. Promotion has the following salient features:

  • This WordPress CV Theme has a number of presentation layouts available. It includes a resume layout that gives employers the option to print your resume easily during the hiring process.
  • This theme includes a Responsive, Retina Ready design with the ability to enter demo content as well as custom options.

Promotion is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


Squareroot has a beautiful parallax page design and includes a few different layout options. It comes with a gorgeous design and great features:

  • It includes many shortcodes that you can use to add buttons, accordions, toggle buttons, and more.
  • Design elements such as backgrounds, colors, fonts, and more can be easily customized through the theme options panel.
  • In addition to Responsive design, this theme also has SEO optimization and translation available.

This is a quality theme to use for your personal website. Present your work history, highlight your personal brand, and make a positive impression on potential employers.

WP Resume Theme is one of the best Online CV WordPress Themes


A good resume website will grow with you and your career. A standard resume cannot be modified after you submit it, but your site will easily update as your skills and experience grow. Start creating your personal resume website right away with top 15+ WordPress themes for online CV.

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