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Top 5 Gift Card Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Gift Card Plugins for WordPress

Choosing gifts for families, friends, or colleagues on anniversaries such as birthdays or weddings always gives us headaches. Therefore, purchasing gift cards can be an effective alternative since receivers can have their own choice to buy items they are in love with.

Thus, if you own an e-commerce website, you should also sell gift cards to diversify customer's choices, thereby increasing your sales. If your website is based on WordPress, using plugins is the easiest way to add this feature. In this post, we will introduce the top 5+ plugins to create gift cards for WordPress websites.

But first, let's make everything clear about gift cards!

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are established by stores/chains, supermarkets, etc. Customers can purchase this type of card as a gift to anyone on any occasion, and receivers can use it to buy products in physical stores or on websites.

There are often two types of gift cards:

Hard card: This can be purchased directly at stores or via online purchase and later printed by customers by themselves.

Virtual card: A code used to enter at checkout step or to top up an account's balance on websites.

Store owners can also send gift cards as a tribute to long-standing customers or VIPs on special occasions. This can be an effective method of customer care.

Besides, when customers purchase gift cards for someone, you will naturally get some new potential customers. Sounds great, right?

Top Plugins to Create Gift Cards

Below are some popular plugins that support creating gift cards. Let's take a look to find out the most suitable one for your e-commerce website!

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards (Freemium)

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards allows you to create gift cards (both hard and virtual cards) with custom value. What is really worth it in the plugin is that gift cards are truly well-designed and users can customize them flexibly.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards allows customers to self-design the gift card from pre-made templates and available images. Notably, they can also upload images to add to the card. This feature will be helpful for companies wanting to gifts their staff or customers these cards.

After choosing a desired gift card template, customers can set the end date, enter the receiver’s name, email, and a meaningful message. When the send date comes, the plugin will send a notification to buyers when their friends or colleagues have used the card.


  • Send gift cards to others via email
  • Create both hard and virtual card
  • Set send and expiry dates for gift cards
  • Customize gift card value
  • Email notification for card owners when their cards are used.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards (Freemium)

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install gift card plugin, PW WooCommerce Gift Cards will be a good choice. This plugin specifically helps WordPress newbies who won't prefer to read along instructions to get things done.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards helps card users to manage cards they received easily and conveniently. They can also check the card balance and top it up. This feature is really helpful for people who want to gift a card to someone more than once. For example, they can purchase a card for their children and fill the balance as pocket money.


  • Supports both hard and virtual card
  • Gift card's balance can be refilled
  • Customers can check their cards' balance
  • Set send and expiry date for gift cards

Gift Cards (Premium)

Gift Cards plugin helps to create a separate product page to sell gift cards.

The next plugin we want to suggest is Gift Cards. This plugin helps to create a separate product page to sell gift cards. On this product page, there are sections like card value, card type, message, send date, cart button, etc. Besides, Gift cards also create a page for customers to manage their cards easily. Receivers can log in to check their balances or use gift cards to add money to shopping accounts on websites.

Gifts Cards allow customers to choose different card types for different occasions (birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas). This feature is effective for people to use the gift cards as presents at these events.


  • Card's balance check
  • Set send date for gift cards
  • Attach messages to gifts cards
  • Send gift cards to multiple receivers

Smart Coupons (Premium)

Smart Coupons plugin is very flexible and easy-to-use, provides essential features to create gift cards: send gift cards via email, add messages, set expiry dates.

Apart from gift cards, e-commerce website owners may want to include other coupons, such as discount vouchers/codes, exchange vouchers, giveaway events, etc. In that case, you will need a better multi-purpose plugin; Smart Coupons is the answer.

Smart Coupons is very flexible and easy to use. This plugin provides essential features to create gift cards: send gift cards via email, add messages, set expiry dates, etc.

Besides, Smart Coupons allows users to buy and use gift cards themselves like many other plugins. Notably, it enables website owners to limit buyers from certain countries or regions. This will help to avoid troubles regarding policy differences among countries. Lastly, this plugin gives you many pre-made demos for you to choose and customize your gift cards.


  • Super easy to use
  • Many beautiful pre-made demos
  • Supports gift card, exchange, and discount voucher
  • Limit buyers from countries

PDF Product Vouchers

PDF Product Vouchers by SkyVerge provides website owners a dashboard to manage gift cards with ease, especially for products require customers to use them directly.

Some products or services require customers to use them directly, such as concert tickets, swimming courses, bonus vouchers, etc. No worries, PDF Product Vouchers is the perfect choice for you.

This plugin allows you to create hard gift cards that can be sent via email in PDF format. There is a scan-able QR code on the card, and customers can print the card out to bring to stores. Buyers can customize card design (font, color,...) as they wish and write meaningful messages to receivers. Besides, customers can request a card refund or return (based on policies). They can even deactivate the card in case their cards are missing or stolen.

PDF Product Vouchers also provides website owners a dashboard to manage gift cards with ease. You can filter cards by name, purchase date, expiry date,...This feature helps you to check, deactivate, and refund customers quickly and easily.


  • Send messages along with gift cards
  • Create scan-able and print-abe PDF card
  • Customize card value & design

Last Words

Undoubtedly, these gift card plugins are perfect for both card designing and use. You should base on your needs to pick out the best one for you.

Besides, to create an effective e-commerce website, you will need a squad of other features, including image compression, contact form, live chat, etc. You can check out these features for e-commerce websites here.

If you find this post helpful, please don't hesitate and share it with your friends!

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