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Best Plugins to Back Up Your WordPress Website

Best Plugins to Back Up Your WordPress Website

Creating a backup is one of the best ways to protect your WordPress website from losing data. You can manually back up your WordPress site, but it’s quite difficult and time-consuming for the non-tech savvy. Therefore, you should use backup plugins to save time and effort. 

However, choosing a suitable one is really not easy because there are too many backup plugins out there, both free and premium. Don’t worry, we collected the best plugins to back up WordPress websites right here. Let’s discover them now!

Check out the best plugins to back up WordPress websites


UpdraftPlus is among the most popular scheduled backup plugins at this time. It helps you backup / restore data easily and quickly within a single click. 

Moreover, UpdraftPlus allows users to upload backups of their WordPress website into many cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, … Thus, users can access the backups from every device.

Like other scheduled backup plugins, UpdraftPlus allows you to automatically and periodically backup your site. It can be seen that UpdraftPlus is standout from others in terms of features and stability. This plugin is trusted and used by 3+ million WordPress users. Therefore, you can be assured that you’re in good hands.

Highlight features

  • Upload to cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive, …
  • Automatically and periodically backup websites
  • Backup / restore data easily and quickly within a single click


The most highlight feature of BackWPup plugin is backing up the database, main files, and wp-content folder. It’s really useful because some plugins that have the database backup feature only back up your posts and don’t backup other things that you uploaded into the posts such as pictures, videos, … Therefore, if you use those plugins, images, and videos will be broken and you’ll have to fix them by manually backing up the wp-content file

In addition to cloud services (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc), BackWPup allows you to export the backups to a local directory or FTP servers. And of course, it also has the automatic backup feature.

Another interesting and convenient feature of BackWPup plugin is that it can optimize your database and troubleshoot any issues during the backup process. It’s really useful, especially for people who still haven’t used another plugin for this similar feature yet.

Highlight features

  • Back up the database, main files, and wp-content folder.
  • Export the backups to a local directory or FTP servers
  • Optimize the database and troubleshoot any issues


BackUpWordPress plugin is famous for backing up your entire website. It’s very smooth and easy to use. This plugin works perfectly with shared servers or wherever that doesn’t have much space left.

However, BackUpWordPress plugin doesn’t back up all your files and folders, so you have to do it manually and regularly. It’s a bit inconvenient. But it’s also an advantage of BackUpWordPress because backups generated by this plugin are very light. Therefore, you can even send them via email or back up to anywhere without worrying about the file size.

BackUpWordPress isn’t the first solution for everyone, but it’s so useful for websites that their data is updated on a regular basis. The website owners can utilize this plugin to back up their sites every day, or even every hour to make sure that their precious data is always safe.

Highlight features

  • Back up the entire website
  • Easy to use
  • Generate very light backups


You might be surprised because Duplicator is “not really” a backup plugin. In fact, it’s famous for migrating or cloning a WordPress website from a location to another. However, you can still utilize it to back up specific areas of your website.

Duplicator plugin comes with a lot of features to help you deal with many tasks. And the most outstanding one is that you can develop test websites and staging areas. Thus, you can do your test on these sites without affecting your real site. It’s a very useful and convenient feature that helps you avoid mistakes and errors.

In addition, Duplicator plugin backs up every element of your website. Therefore, it’s the best choice for migrating your website to a new server because you don’t need to re-install WordPress core. Overall, Duplicator plugin can fit your requirements, whether it’s backing up a specific area or the entire of your website.

Highlight features

BlogVault Backups

BlogVault Backups plugin comes with a unique advanced feature that other plugins don’t have: real-time backup. In fact, this feature is unnecessary in many cases. However, it will fit the needs of eCommerce website owners that don’t want to lose any order’s data. Losing order data can decrease the company income, or even affect the customer experience and bring a lot of troubles. Therefore, BlogVault Backups plugin is really a great solution for eCommerce websites.

Besides, BlogVault Backups plugin allows users to back up into cloud services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, or the company’s servers. BlogVault Backups saves your backups up to 365 days, which is really an impressive term. It’s also a big advantage that makes this plugin outstanding.

Besides, BlogVault Backups plugin also encrypts backups so that you can be assured that your data is safe. This feature will be very useful for websites that contain sensitive data. Additionally, this plugin has a friendly user interface, which makes it very easy-to-use.

Highlight features

  • Back up in real-time
  • Save the backups up to 365 days
  • Encrypt backups
  • Friendly user interface

CYAN Backup

CYAN Backup plugin isn’t so popular, but it will meet the special needs of users. This plugin has a lot of options on the settings page, which can make you confused a bit. But don’t worry, you can still skip them and work with default settings.

When using CYAN Backup plugin, you have various options for scheduling: monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly. Besides, you can choose a term for automatically back up, for example, every 2 hours, every 3 months, etc. In addition, you can choose areas that you don’t want to backup. This is really convenient and flexible.

Moreover, you can set up CYAN Backup plugin to automatically delete old backups to reduce memory usage. Hence, this plugin works really well on servers that don’t have much space. If you are in trouble with tons of backups that make your site heavy, try CYAN Backups!

Highlight features

  • Support various options for scheduling
  • Exclude the areas that you don’t want to backup
  • Delete old backups to reduce memory usage

Last Words

As you can see, each plugin has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you should determine what your site needs and what the plugin provides before making the decision. Backups can save your website someday, so don’t forget to back up your site on a regular basis. Still, if you don’t know how to do it, refer to this article.

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