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Top WordPress Affiliate Program to Follow

Top WordPress Affiliate Programs to Follow

Every WordPress user understands that if the WordPress blog's optimal utilization is the goal, relying on one source of income is not a good idea. The WordPress user has to use online marketing tools and reliable affiliate programs to harness the blog's content and reach. Many smart bloggers go for affiliate marketing as it is simple, easy to implement, and generous in profit sharing. While product developers get free initial advertising, the bloggers' promoters get paid to refer or recommend the product.

Before we go ahead and know about the affiliate programs that any blogger can sign up to earn extra income, let us know what affiliate programs mean in-short. In any WordPress affiliate program, you promote products on the blog (with a reasonable reach) social media (with a reasonable number of followers) or through mailers. While promoting the product, you share a unique link to the product; and if the reader clicks on that link and purchases/subscribes/signs up for the product within the specific period, you get a commission. The commission varies from program to program.

Here, we have listed a few reliable programs that assure one of the highest commissions, and are easy to sell.

Metagauss Partner Program

Metagauss is a reliable name in the market that offers three WordPress products: RegistrstionMagic, ProfileGrid, and EventPrime, along with other tools, themes, and plugins. Every product is user-centric and is developed to offer ease, pace, and security. This company's affiliate program offers 30% of commission, which is one of the highest commissions in the industry. This is, without any doubt, one of the superlative programs in the market. If you are looking for a quick secondary income source through affiliate programs, direct your search towards Metagauss.

These four plans are custom made for the four communities: the bloggers, the theme creators, the freelance developers, and the marketers. The bloggers just need to add their blog – no fancy links needed – and you can enjoy commission rate. The theme creators can promote the quality of WordPress plugins by Metagauss and start enjoying the best commission rates instantly! There are similar plans for freelance developers and marketers. You can explore more about the four plans that are available for affiliate programs.

Metagauss Partner Program offers 30% of commission.

Bluehost has approved four hosting services providers on its site. Bluehost is one of them. Hence, as far as the services' reliability is concerned, Bluehost is ahead in the race. Hosting services are used by website owners worldwide to run their online platforms on the internet, so the service can hardly go out of the picture. Bluehost affiliate program paid more than $5 million last year. Its affiliate commission is as generous as $65. Its offerings are available in four plans ranging from $2.95/month, making it easier for the blogger to convince the potential buyer.

Bluehost affiliate program makes it easier for the blogger to convince the potential buyer.


Across the internet, organizations and individuals are using this product to convert visitors into email subscribers. The product offers pop-ups and opt-in forms, along with exit intent technology. If you are looking for an affiliate program that can ensure a positive conversion rate, OptinMOnster is perfect.

The affiliate commission this program offers is 20% per sale using your referral code, which is pretty attractive. The membership program for their products starts from $49/year, which makes it budget-friendly. It has a payment threshold of $50, and the cookies stay intact for 45 days, which provides a reasonable window to the blogger to earn from the interested viewers.

OptinMOnster is an affiliate program that can ensure a positive conversion rate.

Barn2 Media

Barn2Media is a known name when it comes to WP plugins. The company offers an attractive commission rate of 30% on the sales of their WordPress plugins, available in a wide range of varieties. Signing up for this affiliate program does not cost anything, and happens within a few minutes; approval is given instantly.

The company provides links and banners, but the blogger is free to design his/her banners. Payment is credited every month irrespective of the amount. All the offerings of Barn2Media are budget-friendly, and their prices range between $55 – $75 (which is possible for most of the website owners to buy). There is no payment threshold, and the duration of the cookies is 365 days, which is impressive.

Barn2Media is an affiliate program that offers an attractive commission rate of 30%


The MakeWebBetter Affiliate Program is a great choice for WordPress connoisseurs who are looking to monetize their passion. With 50+ WooCommerce extensions covering customer retention, payments, shipping, checkout, MakeWebBetter aids online store owners from around the globe. MakeWebBetter is an eCommerce development agency that develops solutions for WooCommerce store owners; also being HubSpot Gold Solution Partners and Google Partners.

The solutions built by MakeWebBetter have been of great help for business owners to break through all the barriers.

The program works on a rank-based commission system where your progress is dependent on the sales you rake in (Cost-Per-Sale model). To add the cherry on top of the cake, you can earn up to 50% commission on your affiliate sales. The commissions are rolled out on a rank-based system and here’s the complete breakdown of commission rates:

Total Affiliate Earnings Commissions Rank/Tier/Level
Below $1k 25% 1
$1001- $2k 35% 2
$2001- $3k 40% 3
$3k and above 50% 4

Here are some other benefits of the MakeWebBetter affiliate program:

  • You get to choose from a wide range of sophisticated WordPress solutions. Choose your favorite product and promote them to earn huge bucks.
  • Fast compensation on affiliate sales.
  • Best in class payout model.
  • Get full marketing support to attract customers. Coupons, banners, or referral codes you name it they have it

the MakeWebBetter affiliate program


The PremiumCoding affiliate program allows bloggers to sell with a niche-specific approach. Here, the blogger can earn from promoting the creative WordPress blog themes developed by PremiumCoding. The themes are simple, easy to use, and attractive. Besides, the company has other products too.

Users can either go for individual themes or can sign up for long term plans. This is a reliable program that you can think of for a better income flow. This affiliate program's commission is between 40%-50% (one of the highest in the market), and its products range from $49-$359 (affordable to many). With no payment threshold, this affiliate program also provides 90 days of cookies duration.

Bloggers can earn from promoting the creative WordPress blog themes developed by PremiumCoding.

CSS Hero

If a blogger loves the existing WP theme, but still wishes to make a few customized changes here and there, CSS Hero is perfect. The theme is designed for those who are not aware of CSS but want to enjoy its benefits. With CSS Hero, every blogger is ready to make the cosmetic tweaks to the theme. This plugin is easy to install, simple to use, allows customization in real-time, and does not demand technical knowledge.

When a plugin like this is up for an affiliate program, only a mad can say no! The affiliate commission offered by the program is as high as 40%. The plans begin from $49/year. The program's cookies duration is 90 days, which leaves a good margin to bloggers to earn from.

With CSS Hero, every blogger is ready to make the cosmetic tweaks to the theme.


Okay, there are chances that you might not have heard of this plugin much, but do not underestimate its value as an affiliate program provider! WeDevs has developed a few gems that can do wonders for WordPress sites. One of the gems is the WP Project Manager, which allows users to manage the entire business through a single dashboard.

When a blogger signs up for this affiliate program, he/she not only can expect a high percentage on the sales commission but also the loyalty of the buyers/readers; as once purchased, the buyer will rely on the blog for the future purchases too. The conversion rate here is positive. WeDevs allows affiliate bloggers to earn 20% on every sale made. The products of WeDevs are extremely pocket friendly, and the price starts from as low as $14. Though the cookies' duration is low (30 days), the affiliate is worth trying as the products they sell are easier to buy for most of the potential buyers.

WeDevs allows affiliate bloggers to earn 20% on every sale made.


You have heard of this marketplace at least once in your life if you are even slightly familiar with the designing and development world. Evanto, which runs seven marketplaces, is known for dynamic, responsive, modern age themes that meet every developer's expectations. They also have WP plugins.

If so many offerings are open, the affiliate program of Evanto has to be attractive. And it is! The conversion rate is positive, the commission rate is attractive, and this one is one of the most profitable WordPress affiliate programs in the market. It pays around $3 million to its affiliates each year. Considering the 60-day cookie window, you can earn up to $120 per new subscriber as commission. That is $20 per month for the first three months as a monthly subscriber. Even better for annual subscribers i.e. $120. The profit you can earn from this affiliate program is attractive.

Envato progrram is one of the most profitable WordPress affiliate programs in the market.

MaxCDN (is now StackPath)

As the name suggests, if the blogger is looking for a faster WordPress site, it has to consider CDN. And what would be the perfect CDN for a WP site than MaxCDN? This is a dependable converter that can store websites on many servers across the world. MaxCDN runs an affiliate program to sell its product worldwide. The program is easy to join, and the blogger can start selling the product within a few hours. Here, for per reference, you can earn $50. Their offerings are budget-friendly, and the lowest price starts from $20 / month.

MaxCDN's program is easy to join, bloggers can start selling the product within a few hours.


One of the easy-to-sale products in the programming world is 'Managed WordPress hosting.' The Flywheel is one such company that offers effective and reliable hosting management for WordPress sites. The company has affiliate programs that can be joined free-of-cost. Flywheel tracking cookies stay intact for 90 days. Flywheel provides banners and other promotion material, along with unique product links. Its commission rate is overwhelming, especially if you are trying any affiliate program for the first time. It offers a payout that starts at $45 and offers 3x first month's payment. And the good part is that even the price of the offerings is affordable.

Flywheel's commission rate is overwhelming, especially if you are trying any affiliate program for the first time.


Above are handpicked ten affiliate programs that a WordPress blogger can join to earn reliable, easier, and sustainable secondary income through blog/social media or emailers (as per the affiliate program policies). Every WordPress blog with reasonable reach and viewers can leverage affiliate programming to boost up the earnings.

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