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6 Tricks to Turn Your WordPress Drafts into Beautiful Looking Stories

6 Tricks to Turn Your WordPress Drafts into Beautiful Looking Stories

Many people who just started WordPress blogging find this process rather daunting and tedious. One has to come up with beautiful stories and also adjust and optimize pictures, add meta description and SEO title, select visuals, and perform other tasks that are actually not related to writing itself.

Many students who were involved in blogging admit that they needed to use the services of the essay writing company to meet all deadlines at college and continue managing their own website. Yet, WordPress has made it simple now by inventing and implementing internal tools and plugins that allow turning your blog into something beautiful.

Here are several tricks that can help you excel at WordPress blogging.

Choose a Simple Theme

In many cases, there is a genius in simplicity. The simpler your theme is, the better your drafts look. Moreover, WordPress offers such items for free since they lack many sophisticated features. Most likely, you will not need these features at all if you stick to a simple theme.

The simpler is your theme, the less worried you will be about the content “decoration” in the future. Thus, you will be able to post your texts even faster. At the same time, the fewer features you have, the greater focus is on the content. Your readers will definitely like it.

There is a suggestion for you which is trying some WordPress themes from Gretathemes, they meet all the above requirements.

Images and Visuals

Any audience like images and videos. They help enhance the reading experience, but usually, you need two-three pictures to make the article more attractive. However, dealing with them is much easier if one opts for a more straightforward theme. You can download special tools, or even internal WordPress plugins that would help in adjusting images and optimizing them at the basic level.

It turns out that you do not need to spend hours selecting the best pictures and photoshopping them. But that can still be fun and nice if you are a Photoshop enthusiast as and you can create amazing images to make your blog more interesting and unique. One can simply insert an image from a photo stock website and edit it to meet the color theme and the size.


A newbie may not even know what shortcodes mean, but they are essential if you want to make the content look beautiful. These features help in formatting. Some of them are initially installed with the theme you choose; others should be added using special plugins.

One needs to use shortcodes carefully. The overall appearance of your blog can distort if you change themes. This problem occurs due to shortcodes that were built into your previous theme. Some plugins can help you format these shortcodes and then use specifically-built ones.

High-Quality Content

Even if you have the best website in terms of visuals and graphics, there will be no excellent user experience if you do not produce high-quality content.

In case you want to have top quality content, you can follow this step-by-step guide on CJ Affiliate.

WordPress can help you minimize distractions while you write. Some plugins can hide everything from your desktop once you start typing. This really helps if you want to compose good content quickly.

Keep Visitors Engaged

Your blog should not be only about you. You can help visitors navigate through other related topics. By enabling automatic displaying of related posts, you will likely get higher retention rates.

The plugin that enables this function searches for related topics automatically and offers the best results. If you use enough keywords, your articles are likely to appear on the pages of other bloggers. Adhering to SEO requirements can significantly enhance your webpage traffic.

Do Not Publish Incomplete Pages

Do not launch your website before it is ready. Nothing annoys readers more than "Coming Soon" pages. Be sure that you prepared and inserted enough material so that your visitors could navigate through the website.

Pages like "To Be Updated" indicate that you are a newbie. Unfortunately, readers feel biased about new websites, so winning their trust back will be difficult. Do not link anything you post to the incomplete page.

Even if you have enough reason to establish connections between the completed parts and unfinished ones, better abstain. The best advice is to keep your website closed from your readers before it is complete.

Final Words

Publishing and editing with WordPress become easier. However, many new bloggers still feel uncertain about the use of images and visuals, theme selection, and other important elements that actually make the website nice-looking.

The definition of beautiful is different for everyone. However, the general advice is to stick to a more straightforward theme, which requires fewer adjustments. Moreover, WordPress allows a great number of plugins that can help you boost the website traffic, save time on editing images, keep you focused on producing high-quality content, etc.

Read more about the opportunities WordPress provides and do not launch anything before it is complete, and your website will definitely be a success.

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