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5 Tips To Make Your Website Popular

GretaThemes is a trending brand on WordPress premium themes and templates. We aim to provide you the clean and elegant WordPress to bring you the most beautiful and comfortable websites or blog. But recently when we collect the users’ website we found some customers they still don’t know how to minimize the advantage of our themes. So there are 5 tips for you.

1. Visual content is more important

In these two days, we looked through more than 300 websites that are using our themes right now. We found some of them don’t pay much attention to the visual content. For example, some website even still maintains the demo images for the current website. Yes, this is no fault to do so unless you are telling something which is far away from office or computer.
According to the marketing industry influencer Krista Neher, the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words. And this is why we redesign TheFour in order to show more structured photos on the front page. And in this way, more visitors can stay on the website longer by reading more.
However, if you don’t have enough photos to be used. GretaThemes have useful tips for you. Please read our previous blog: 20 Best Free stock photo websites. This offers 20 websites for which you can use the free stock photos without permission or stock photos

2. Short but clear words content

Every small business website or even a blog is different because every one serves a different purpose. If you want your website to be a portal for people to buy products, you need to build it around that goal. A website without a clear purpose will only cost you time and money while providing little, if any, benefit. This is why the latest TheFour has Featured page content to show the clear goal and what can be offered from the website. And several sentences attached under each latest post photo can make visitors know what happened after one glance. It must be truly understood that website visitors won't spend a lot of time reading through pages just to find basic information. So make sure that the important points and its offerings are very clear and easy to find on the front page.

3. On-Page SEO

We believed the better content can bring more visitors in the past, but this fact already changed. If the users even cannot find your web in the large internet. Your content means nothing. So simple On-Page SEO can bring you a big difference.
You can use a plugin such as Slim SEO, Yoast, All-in-One SEO Pack, or Ultimate SEO or rely on your own SEO expertise to do the on-page optimization. This means you must focus on improving all of the technical factors.

  • URLs: Must be short and clear, better no symbols, and cover the keywords and main content.
  • Title tags: Include your target keywords at the beginning of title tag for Google to easily search.
  • Keyword density: It is better to have these high-value keywords on the front page and every first paragraph. Then it be searched easier.
  • Internal Links: It is better to make links to other content inside the website to make people know more about your blog or products. And also this can increase the duration time, which can higher your rank in Google.
  • Site speed: When you have so many pictures, it is better not to upload them to the website. It is better to upload them to the internet and link to a website such as Imgur.

4. Select front page image carefully, carefully, and carefully

This is a really important photo, which can influence the whole website. You must design carefully on Logo, name, and top menu. In this way, you can tap TheFour’s potential. But we find there are so many websites that cannot make a really beautiful design. Some of them have oversized Logos and names which leave limited space for the top menu. To be honest, when I see these front page images, it is hard for me to continue exploring more on the website. So if you have any questions about how to edit the image in WordPress, please check it here.

front page image

5. Read carefully while using demo.

When we develop TheFour, we really hope all our users enjoy using it without any questions. So we inserted as many descriptions, directions as we can in the demo. For example, as you can see, this part of TheFour demo. The marketing plan checklist can help you reduce the risk of marketing. And can also remind you that writing a list in the content can make the structure clear and short.

Our mission does not only offer the most beautiful clean themes but also makes every user and customer enjoy websites. Therefore please read demo carefully while using marketing tips


This blog is not only for TheFour users but also for all the blogger and web designers, we hope you can develop an attractive and beautiful website to make your business successful.

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