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Top 6 Plugins Providing Extra Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress eCommerce Sites

Top 6 Plugins Providing Extra Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress eCommerce Sites

Gutenberg WordPress editor is now widely loved by many users thanks to its convenient drag-and-drop blocks to edit content and build WordPress websites. Using Gutenberg is especially useful and convenient for those who need to build online shops easily without coding. However, Gutenberg default features and blocks may not provide all the advanced features that you need for eCommerce sites. For example, it is necessary for eCommerce sites to have blocks to display products, prices, promotions, discounts, ratings, and so on. By having these blocks, your shops can considerably increase revenue, conversion rate, customer experiences, ...

To add the more advanced Gutenberg blocks, you can use additional plugins. Thus, in this post, I will introduce the top 6 plugins providing extra Gutenberg blocks for eCommerce websites. These plugins are made to provide not only extra blocks but settings and specialized templates for eCommerce sites as well. Let’s see!

WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks is one of the flexible and easy-to-use-and-customize plugins that provides specialized blocks for WooCommerce sites. This plugin provides more than 20 free blocks for users to build online shops with many essential features. You can easily use not only basic blocks such as displaying attributes, product images, latest products, best selling products but also advanced blocks like carts, discounted products, and so on.

Key features:

  • Provide more than 20 blocks for users to easily customize
  • Carts and checkout features help display product status and payment methods
  • Filter helps categorize products based on price and features.

Product X

Product X is considered as one of the top plugins providing the most interesting features and blocks for WooCommerce. You just need to install this plugin to have the blocks such as grid, listing, and slider right away.

This WordPress plugin has a lot of special add-ons to create the sections like price comparison, wishlists, quick product views, and product Image flip for customers. So, they will have an easier and more interesting shopping experience. Besides, this plugin also helps display the latest products, best sellers, discounts, and so on.

Key features:

  • There are 4 product grid views. Each of them has exclusive layouts for your stores
  • Slider block help introduce products in an eye-catching and attractive appearance
  • Allow customers to save their favorite products to the wishlist
  • The Compare addon helps customers easily compare the prices

Ultimate Addon for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addon for Gutenberg may not be a dedicated plugin for eCommerce but it also provides a large number of helpful Gutenberg blocks for online stores. This plugin has many blocks such as Forms, Pricing Lists, Testimonial, Review Schema, Google Map, and so on. In addition, Ultimate Addon for Gutenberg provides a lot of settings and customization options for blocks. Therefore, you can easily build your eCommerce websites.

Key features:

  • Provide 20 blocks to build eCommerce websites with all important features such as Schema Review, Testimonial, Google Maps, and so on.
  • There are over 20 free demos created by Gutenberg, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, and Astra theme for users to import and use immediately
  • Provide many advanced supports to help you build your complete WordPress websites with Astra theme.

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Block, which was known as Atomic Blocks, is a popular plugin for Gutenberg. With 15 various blocks of Genesis Blocks, you can build eye-catching eCommerce sites with many layouts and different sections. In particular, you can add more options for blocks conveniently. For example, the Pricing column block has sub-blocks such as Product price, Product title, Features, and so on. Another example, the Advanced column block allows choosing and customizing layouts just with a few clicks. Besides, Genesis Blocks also allows you to use beautiful pre-built layouts for different page sections.

Key features:

  • Provide 15 blocks with pre-built layouts
  • Have additional settings for blocks
  • Provide blocks to create MailChimp Email form, Social link, etc
  • Have a block to create eye-catching pricing lists

Otter Blocks

Compared to other plugins for Gutenberg in this list, Otter Blocks has fewer blocks. This free Gutenberg plugin has 12 various blocks that you can use for eCommerce websites. These blocks provide many interesting and useful features such as Product review, Pricing, Testimonial, Card, etc. Moreover, you can choose from 50+ different templates with impressive designs for header, pricing list, content, testimonials, etc in Otter Blocks’ library. Last but not least, Otter Blocks is also famous for its ease of use because you can customize its blocks just with a few clicks.

Key features:

  • Include 12 blocks to display products, price, cart, and testimonials, ...
  • Provide more than 50 different templates with attractive designs
  • Google Maps block helps search for places by name, add or remove map controls and change the size or style of the maps just with a few clicks.
  • Display testimonials and highlight comments to build customers trust

WooBuilder Blocks

Another Gutenberg plugin with many innovations for WooCommerce sites is WooBuilder Blocks. This is the only premium plugin in this post. With WooBuilder Blocks, you can create new pages entirely from scratch with the support of more than 20 specialized blocks for eCommerce. Or, you can choose different beautiful pre-made templates in this plugin. Besides, you can even create your own templates, save and use them later.

Key features:

  • Easily design layouts, backgrounds, headers, and footers
  • Provide many extensions for WooCommerce
  • Provide pre-built diversified and beautiful templates
  • Provide blocks for increasing sales like Sales Countdown, Stock Countdown, and A/B Split Testing

The Verdict

Here is the list of the top 6 plugins for Gutenberg to create professional and attractive eCommerce sites. Each of these plugins has its advantages and a number of blocks, templates, and features for you to choose from depending on your demands. If you know or use any other plugins providing more Gutenberg blocks for eCommerce websites, share with us in the comment section. Besides, you can read the top beautiful premium themes and top free themes for eCommerce sites to build your website more professionally. Don’t forget to read more articles from us. Wish your online stores and businesses more success!

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