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Top 6 Plugins Providing Gutenberg Blocks for Business Websites

Top 6 Plugins Providing Gutenberg Blocks for Business Websites

To help customers understand more about business, it is necessary for companies to have business websites. It can be corporate websites to introduce companies or organizations only like Or, websites provide price and company product features like To build business sites easily, using Gutenberg is a quick and simple way.

We’ve listed the best WordPress plugins for creating business websites with Gutenberg for you in this post. These plugins help you build a website quickly and easily by adding blocks to your page. Some of these plugins also include additional functionality such as contact forms, subscription boxes, and more. Let’s see.


CoBlock is considered as one of the best plugins providing blocks for Gutenberg with more than 500.000 installations. This plugin provides 32 free blocks with varied features for users to build professional business websites. Several blocks that can help you build eye-catching business sites are Author Profile Block, Form Block, Services Block, Social Profile Block, and so on. These blocks are meticulously designed to bring the best experience for users and help them customize websites flexibly and easily.

Moreover, you can display your company image beautifully in many designs thanks to 3 CoBlock’s unique and pretty layouts for the gallery. You can not only choose a filter for the image with the preview but also adjust the shadow effect and lightbox conveniently.

Key features:

  • Provide 32 blocks with powerful customization
  • Have essential pre-built blocks for business sites such as Author Profile Block, Form Block, Service Block, Social Profile Block, etc.
  • Have 3 unique and beautiful layouts for the gallery
  • Easy to customize image effects
  • Easy to design pricing and pricing list layouts

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Block is the next outstanding plugin that I want to introduce on this list. Genesis Blocks provides 15 Gutenberg blocks including essential features that help you create business websites such as Author Profile Block, Testimonial Block, Newsletter Block, and so on. Moreover, Genesis Block allows you to choose diverse layouts with 26 interesting and various pre-built ones. Besides, you can customize the website content with 56 pre-built content sections of Genesis Block

Key features:

  • Provide 15 blocks with many features
  • Easily build eye-catching business websites with 26 pre-built layouts
  • Customize content with 56 pre-built content sections
  • Save and reuse layouts and sections


Next, I will introduce Getwid. This is the plugin that provides more than 40 Gutenberg blocks for users. In particular, you can find many blocks such as Testimonial, Contact Form, Slider, Google Maps Blocks, and so on… for beautiful and professional business websites. Getwid WordPress’s block can be customized easily to suit your themes. Last but not least, the outstanding thing I like most about this plugin is that it has more than 35 pre-built templates. So, you can build your business websites in a faster and easier way.

Key features:

  • Provide 40+ Gutenberg blocks
  • Featured blocks for business websites: Testimonial, Contact Form, Slider, Google Maps Block
  • Easy to customize blocks
  • Have more than 35 pre-built templates


Next is Gutentor. In my point of view, Gutentor is a Gutenberg block plugin that is extremely suitable for business websites. You may be surprised by a large number of blocks from this plugin: 60 blocks. Gutentor’s blocks are divided into 5 groups: Gutentor Elements, Gutentor Modules, Gutentor Posts, Gutentor Terms, and Gutentor Widget. They will help you create business pages easily and flexibly.

In the Gutentor Widget group block, you can see full features for business sites like About, Author Profile, Team, Call to Action, Testimonial, etc. Furthermore, Gutentor is very lightweight and optimized so it won’t reduce your website performance.

Key features:

  • Provide more than 60 blocks for you to choose and customize easily
  • Have many blocks along with essential features for business sites like About, Profile, Team, and so on
  • Have more than 100 free templates
  • Responsive and SEO optimization


Qubely is a plugin which has many Gutenberg blocks for business sites. There are 23 blocks that Qubely provides for users. Moreover, you can like Team, Contact Form, Testimonial and so on.. These Gutenberg blocks from Qubely such as Team, Contact Form, Testimonial and so on will help you build business websites.

Qubely also provides 60 pre-built layouts for the free version and 100 layouts for the pro one. The most special thing is you can import layouts conveniently by clicking Import Layout.

Key features:

  • Provide 23 easy-to-customize blocks
  • Pre-built 60 layouts for the free version and 100 layouts for the pro one
  • Easily import layouts

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

The last plugin in this list of plugins providing Gutenberg block for business websites is Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. This plugin contains 20 easy-to-customize blocks such as Contact Form, Team, Testimonial, Call to Action, and so on. These blocks make it easier for you to build business websites. Besides, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg also provides many settings and customizations for each block.

Key features:

  • Provide 20 blocks with full important features that help build business websites.
  • Have 20+ free demos created by Gutenberg, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, and Astra themes for users to import and use right away.
  • Provide many advanced supports for users to build complete WordPress websites with Astra themes.

Last Words

Gutenberg editor helps you a lot in creating business websites easily without coding. Moreover, installing more plugins to have additional Gutenberg blocks will give you the ability to create professional and eye-catching business sites in a faster way. Besides, you will have essential features, templates, and pre-built layouts to use immediately.

Here are the top 6 plugins providing Gutenberg blocks for business websites. I hope you choose which plugin is suitable for you. Besides using these plugins to have more Gutenberg blocks for building business sites, you should read about top plugins for business sites and top free WordPress themes for business websites.

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