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How to get Infinite Scroll in WordPress

How to get Infinite Scroll in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how other social networking platforms such as Facebook or Twitter can load new contents when we advance to the bottom of their news feeds? If you want your website to become more eye-catching like them with that scrolling capacity, try Infinite Scroll to experience this professional effect. Infinite Scroll is a plugin that uses AJAX tools to synchronize web pages, enabling users to read the next article without having to click on the next page.

“With Infinite Scroll, users just need to scroll down to view more posts without a move to another page.”

This tutorial will show you how to add and use Infinite Scroll on your own WordPress.

Why do you need to insert an Infinite Scroll into WordPress?

It will make your visitors feel more comfortable and addicted to your website if they are not forced to click a ‘Next’ button to switch to a new page, but automatically given further content instead.

1. Reduce page bounce rate

The attraction of a website towards visitors is measured by your bounce rate. With Infinite Scroll installed, your website will definitely lure people to scroll down your all content without immediately closing it when annoyed by the inconvenience of too little information being displayed on one page.

2. Increase website access time

With Infinite Scrolling effect, your website will provide users a seemingly endless amount of content and therefore, keep your visitors on site longer to dig deeper into everything interesting on the page.

3. Create pleasure and experiences for visitors

What is more annoyed than being distracted from your reading flow only because you have to click to a new page to obtain other content? Obviously, your visitors feel the same. This plugin helps to solve that inconvenience with fewer clicks but still expose enough content in one page. Furthermore, it is also responsive to other devices such as mobiles or tablets; thus, this plugin can cater to any needs and users.

Although it comes with many benefits, it also has some disadvantages for your SEO process because when your site is integrated with this effect, you cannot put a lot of content into one page and it can also reduce the speed of loading your website. So, you need to consider whether your site is suitable for this effect or if viewers only access some of the first information, using this plugin brings necessary complexities.

How to insert Infinite Scroll plugin into WordPress?

Step 1: Download Infinite Scroll here.

Step 2: Install and activate this plugin into your WordPress by clicking Plugins ->Add new. Then type Infinite Scroll in the search box and proceed to install and activate this plugin.

Step 3: After that click Setting, then choose Infinite Scroll.

Infinite Scroll option in WordPress

You need to adjust this box so that it can fit your customized website. You have to fill CSS data of your theme in the Content Selector, Navigation Selector, Next Selector, and Item Selector so that this plugin can identify all elements.

  • Content Selector: This is where displays the content in your main page.
  • Navigation Selector: This is the paging area of your theme. Its default parameter is a criterion in most themes, so you again don’t need to change anything here.
  • Next Selector: This will transfer you to a new page. It also contains a standard parameter; therefore, it’s not necessary to be switched.
  • Item Selector: This is for every post on your main page. You can keep the default parameter or enter an extra div named .post-container to separate your post content into two independent grids.

And then you can use Infinite Scroll on your site.


Infinite Scroll is a great plugin to help improve the user experience of the website. After installing it, you can freely provide the viewer with "endless" content without having to switch to a new page to read. Hope this article is useful to you.

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