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How to Make Falling Snow Effects in WordPress?

How to Make Falling Snow Effects in WordPress

Perhaps you have visited a website with a falling snow effect already. It might be beautiful and interesting, isn’t it? You may want your WordPress site to have white snowflakes flying on the screen in the winter as well. It will be a great thing for your winter or Christmas event and it will cheer your visitor up after a long and difficult 2020. But you haven’t known how to get it yet? Let me show you how to create falling snow effects on your WordPress website in the simplest way now.

Let’s create the beautiful snow rains on your WordPress website, this will be very interesting!

Let’s create the beautiful snow rains on your website, this will be very interesting!

There are many ways to create a snowfall effect on your WordPress website. You may code or use some plugins. But in this post, I will use a plugin because it is much simpler, and everyone can do it without knowledge of coding.

WordPress Plugin to Create Snow Effects

In WordPress, there are a lot of plugins to create snow effects such as:

  • WP Snow Effect
  • Weather Effect - Christmas effect, snow effect
  • Snow Storm
  • WP Super Snow

I did this instruction with the "WP Super Snow" plugin because it is pretty light, easy to use, and can provide various beautiful effects.

Step 1: Install the "WP Super Snow" plugin

First, you have to download "WP Super Snow" plugin (free) from here and then upload and install it by going to Dashboard > Plugin > Add new and choose Upload Plugin.

Install WP Super Snow" plugin

Next, drag and drop the "WP Super Snow" zip file to upload it (as I did here) or click Choose File. Then, click Install Now.

Upload WP Super Snow plugin

Wait a minute, and then click Activate to completely install and active this plugin to create snow falling effect.

Activate WP Super Snow plugin

Read more about how to install and activate WordPress plugins in 3 ways here.

Step 2: Allow the plugin to take effect on your website

Now, a new menu named Super Snow will appear at the bottom of the admin menu in the admin dashboard.

Press it, a screen will appear as shown in the below image.

a new menu named Super Snow will appear - make falling snow effects in WordPress

At this time, the plugin is still in the "No, disable" status, which means it has disabled and had no effect to your site yet. Click Yes, enable WP Super Snow! button to allow the plugin to take effect on your site. Then, click Save All Changes to save the settings.

Let’s go to the homepage to check the result.

Snow is falling on my WordPress website

Notably, after these settings, the snow will fall on your entire website with default images and sizes. You absolutely can customize its settings to make the snows fall with more beautiful effects or just fall on some certain pages.

How to customize the effect of snowfall

The WP Super Snow plugin gives you a dozen options to customize.

In the Super Snow menu in the admin dashboard, under the Enable / Disable section which you have just customized in the 2nd step, scroll down to the Virtual Snow Browser section.

scroll down to the Virtual Snow Browser section to set effect for snow falling in WordPress

There are some sub-items in this section. They allow you to customize the effects of snowfall. Each one has its own instruction right below its name. When you adjust any item following these guidelines, the Preview screen will show you how it takes effect on your site. So, please read the guidelines carefully.

In addition, I have some extra notes here to help you custom these items easily as well.

WP Snow Container

This section allows you to have the snows in certain areas on the screen. For example, If you want to let the snows fall at the top of your site only, set this field is "header". In the other case, fall at the end of the site? set it as "footer". By default, when it is "body", the snows will fall on the whole screen.

z-Index for all Snowflakes

This z-Index option is used to adjust the snow’s coverage. The default value of 999999 makes the snows cover almost the page. But, if you set a small number here (e.g. -1000), the snows will stop falling.

Snowflakes Images (Line-Delimited)

If you want to change the default graphics of the snowflakes or replace them with other icons / symbols, just upload your own images here. This feature of WP Super Snow helps you to have different icons / symbols for different occasions in the year. E.g. Blossoms for the Springtime, pumpkins for Halloween, or flying leaves for Autumn, and so on.

Total Snowflakes to Process

This setting lets you choose the number of flying snowflakes on the screen at one moment. Keep in mind that the more snowflakes appear at the same time, the slower your site will load.

Max Snowflake Size (in Pixels)

If you don’t want your snowflakes shown too large when they appear, reduce the number here. Otherwise, choose a bigger number. It means the pixel of the biggest snowflakes, others will be smaller and random.

Use Snow Flake Transparency Effects?

Pay attention that using transparency effects will make the snowflakes be more beautiful with their nature, but your web will load slower and vice versa.

WP Super Snow's options to take effects for the snowfall in WordPress


This section is used to set the conditions for applying the WP Super Snow plugin using Conditional tags.

With this option, you may set the snows is only applied on desktop devices and on Saturdays and Sundays and on the freezing product pages.

In this section, you should know a little bit about coding to use these tags. It quite complicated so I do not express it here. If you want to explore it, read this.

Finally, remember to click the Save All Changes button at the bottom after all configuration.

Set conditional for the snowfall in WordPress

Final Thoughts

So, these are very easy steps to make the snows fall on your site. Surely after reading this article, you not only know how to create the falling snow effect for WordPress websites but also know how to customize it and create other stunning effects, right?

If anyone here knows how to make the falling snow effect on WordPress websites in other ways, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas 2020!

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