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Event Planning: Top WordPress Themes For Banquets

Event Planning: Top WordPress Themes For Banquets

Banquets never get old. Yes, we all enjoy the feast tradition borrowed from the Middle Ages. In fact, ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes already fed our minds with gorgeous feast scenes (pun intended). A few click-clacks on a keyboard, and one can easily set a banquet order. Or even cooler - start a catering company themselves!

That ‘Royal Event’ You Missed

Royal Event is a powerful WordPress theme with support from WooCommerce plugin

No, we are not talking about Prince Harry leaving the British court. We are talking about the elegant theme you have missed scrolling down the WordPress pages, Royal Event. Throw a short glimpse on the savory dish, and you are forever in the magic of the exquisite catering company.

  • Works perfectly with Elementor. Creating new page layouts or making the slightest design changes has never been easier!
  • Add WooCommerce. This powerful plugin sets eCommerce in a blink of an eye. The theme is compatible with other plugins as well.
  • Sophisticated galleries. The theme is packed with marvelous pictures. They remind the visitor of Holland art taken from the most famous art museums.
  • Smooth touch-and-explore. The design is very touch-screen-friendly for mobile visitors.

One Size Suits All: Meet Alanzo

Among all WordPress themes for banquets, Alanzo is all about equality and diversity

Operating in Alanzo does not give you this majestic English ‘royal’ feeling. Among all WordPress themes for banquets, Alanzo is all about equality and diversity. Yet Alanzo is a perfect option for literally everyone, whether they are solo caterers or the CEOs of big catering companies.

  • Down-to-earth. The theme suits both high-class restaurants and tiny local cafes. Refined but simple, Alanzo is the essence of banquet perfection.
  • Cozy and comfy. The theme strikes a vibe of a family place with the tastiest food and the crackling firewood in the background.
  • Easy to operate and change. Download Alanzo with a click of a mouse, and you will see how easy the theme customization is. No paper writing is required to make the guest cards and menu.

Daiquiri At a Party Never Killed Nobody

Daiquiri is a perfect WordPress theme for banquets

What a party without a glass of wine or fiery cocktails? Bartending is a part of an award-winning banquet. Thanks to WordPress, now we know how to make a banquet of a century.

  • Modern design. With a Daiquiri theme, one can make their site a perfect bait for Millenials and XGens.
  • Professional support. If a modern design gets difficult to navigate - the WordPress team is always ready to help you.
  • Social media. Use ThemeREX Addons plugins to manage social media profiles for your business. Again, modern and convenient.
  • Swipe effects. Those reminders of dating applications in the mobile version are fun and design-attractive.

A Timeless Love Story

Love Story has wedding-inspired photos for the website gallery

What a wedding without a good-to-remember banquet? The developers of the Love Story theme made it tender and romantic. Pick wedding-inspired photos for the website gallery, and your business is good to go!

  • Dreamy and fairytales. Love Story has a truly unique design to satisfy the pickiest brides. The design makes it the best option for event planning companies and wedding planning agencies.
  • SEO Optimization. The HTML code increases the rank of your website in the vast pool of other wedding banquet sites.
  • New languages. Translate your website sections into any language to boost traffic.
  • Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. In case you get tired of wedding banquets, you can turn the website into a fully developed wedding planning agency.

Qwery: Simplicity and Complexity Combined

Qwery can suit any business one can imagine in their head

The inventors of this theme made the right decision to keep things simple. Certainly, Qwery is an easy keyboard combination to remember. However, do not be so sure you have disentangled the theme’s essence - it is much more complicated than you think.

  • Multi-purpose. Qwery can suit any business one can imagine in their head. Have a law firm and a catering business? Congratulations! Qwery will suit them both.
  • Already operates 60+ pre-made websites. No comments. This number makes Qwery the coolest theme among all WordPress themes for banquets that have ever existed on the platform.
  • Online booking and the Events Calendar. Now that’s a special site to bookmark if one wants the smoothest reservation.

Like a Pro: Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall theme is perfect for any banquet one can imagine

Banquet Hall theme is perfect for any banquet one can imagine. Catering companies, restaurants, and wedding agencies get one year of constant support.

  • Inserted tools. With this WordPress theme, you get an Elementor Page Builder.
  • Customizer. Your site seems to be less attractive or dull? Customize the features and rebuild them.
  • Coding standards. The developers have ensured high-quality coding.
  • Free installation. No need for overpaying. Everything is already organized for you.
  • Mobile friendly. Mobile users can easily swipe the website elements. No bugs and lagging.
  • Copyright-free images. This means no photographer can claim that you have stolen their artwork.

VW Wedding: The Banquet of Your Dream

Another theme for a gorgeous wedding, VW Wedding.

Another theme for a gorgeous wedding, VW Wedding. After downloading the theme, you get one year of unlimited support. A mobile-friendly version of the site attracts more customers. We all use our smartphones, right?

  • Email and support Forum. This is a 24-hour place to ask for help if something unexpected happens.
  • One-click demo import. No need for long authorization processes. Get VW Wedding faster than ever.
  • Coding standards. High-quality coding puts your site upper in the Internet search results. Hence, more potential customers can visit your page and reach you.
  • Custom fonts support. Again, if something goes wrong with your beloved fonts, ask for 24-hour help.

Final Thoughts

The world of business has never been that accessible and demanding as it is now. However, thanks to WordPress themes, we know how to make business authentic and beautiful. Whether it is the elegance of the Royal Event or the fun spirit of Daiquiri, we hope you have found the best theme that suits your banquet business.

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