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How to Regenerate Thumbnails or New Image Sizes in WordPress

When you switch to a new theme which uses post thumbnails, there is occasionally a situation that all the old thumbnails look ugly and distorted. Even if you try to adjust image sizes in Settings → Media, it doesn't solve the problem. That's when you need to regenerate thumbnails or new image sizes in WordPress. By default when you upload an image…

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How to Customize WordPress Theme With a Child Theme

Assuming you have a WordPress theme on your website, either a free one or a commercial one, and you want to customize it. The recommended way to do this is "creating a child theme". But what does that mean, and how do you do it? What is a WordPress child theme? A WordPress child theme…

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How to download and install a WordPress theme?

Are you looking to install a WordPress theme? As a beginner, you probably have heard about tons of available free and paid WordPress themes. As you’re starting out, you may want to try out a few themes on your site until you find the right one that meet your needs. In this beginner’s guide, we…

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