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ConveyThis - translation plugin - friend of best premium wordpress plugin

ConveyThis Review: How To Get More Clients And Keep Them Loyal

Having a multilingual website is now easier than ever thanks to AI-powered ConveyThis translate. Read on to get the lowdown on this nifty site translator plugin.

We have all been there. You’re looking for a specific product, information or service online. Open Google - check. Key in your search term - check. What you are looking for is listed on the search results page - check. Click through to the site - check.

Argh! - the site is in a language that’s not your own. That’s a real bummer, and the chances are that you’ll end up going to a rival site that presents the info in a language that you can understand. If this is your website, that’s a clear abandonment, a business lost, a brand reputation smeared, and another battle lost to your competitor. That’s a big no-no in the digital age when consumers are after experiences.

That’s where ConveyThis Translate comes into play. It’s a state of the art, machine learning powered website translation plugin designed and implemented by the renowned Translations Services USA. It’s hands down the quickest and the most convenient way to translate your site into Germany, French, Spanish, and 100+ other languages that your web visitors can read or understand. If you have used Google Translate before, then it’s several times better and more robust.

What’s ConveyThis Translate?

Building a website that is multilingual is a no-brainer in an increasingly globalized world. The odds are that you have generated plenty of high-quality, attention-grabbing content. But is your content available in any other language apart from English? If it’s not, you are losing potential customers to your competitors. That's why you should translate your website (including translating special content like custom fields, taxonomies, tags, ... )

Enter ConveyThis, an AI-powered, SEO-friendly plugin that can transform your WordPress and Shopify website into a multilingual oasis. It also offers a JavaScript widget which can be implemented directly to your website with code.

ConveyThis transforms your WordPress and Shopify website into a multilingual oasis

Breathe More Life into your Website

Get this: of more than 7.5 billion people who populate planet Earth, just 360 million of them speak and understand English natively. In comparison, nearly 1 billion people speak Mandarin Chinese while 400 million are Spanish speakers. That means that only 20 percent of your potential website visitors are able to read your English-only content. The trouble is that creating content for every other non-English language from scratch is obviously time-consuming and expensive.

With ConveyThis Translate, availing rich, engaging content to a multilingual audience is now easier than ever. Even better, this nifty plugin allows global users to find, access, and use your website in their own language. And with Google crawlers becoming smarter and smarter every year, you can get search traffic to your English-language website even if the users don’t speak English.

Taking SEO to the Next Level

Let’s say you already have your website up, and it’s teeming with fresh content you have spent lots of time and resources creating. ConveyThis Translate helps you amplify your content to reach and engage with an even wider audience. All you have to do is add this simple yet robust plugin to your WordPress or Shopify website. The beauty of ConveyThis is that your site plugin is actually hooked into one of the most advanced deep learning and machine learning translation providers (Translations Services USA). Ultimately, the translating engine will create a top-down version of your site in other languages (most notably French, Spanish, German, etc). What’s more, each version will have its own URL for Google to fall in love with it and as a result direct foreign traffic.

So, how does ConveyThis stack up against the likes of Google Translate and other wannabe translators? Let’s take a closer look.

ConveyThis Key Benefits

(1) Fast, Hassle-free Setup: Whether in WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or your site backend, setting up ConveyThis is quick, easy, and intuitive.

If you are using WordPress, all you have to do is register, copy your distinct API key, and go back to your plugin page to choose your target and source languages (see screenshot below). It's that easy and fuss-free.

Just register, then choose your target and source languages

You can also do all the tweaking and configuration setting right from

In just 2 mins, you’re ready to make your content available to an international audience.

(2) Great choice of languages (90+, to be exact).

(3) It’s all in an API environment so no server lagging or additional load on your website servers.

(4) Affordable Quality: It’s absolutely free for small websites - you only need to register with your email, name, and enter the password of your choosing. For other scaled sites, you can get the starter plan for as little as $4.99 per month, which is pretty affordable for such a powerful piece of software powered by machine learning. You can check out the pricing page for other plans that are also sinfully affordable.

ConveyThis pricing page

(5) Extra peace of mind: Not only is ConveyThis affordable, but also there no credit card is required to be used at the registration. And their Free plan has no expiration date.

(6) AI-powered like no other website translator: Once the plugin is installed, the initial translation happens instantly and offered through machine translation.

(7) Editable Translations: You can conveniently edit any or all of the translated content using a simple yet nifty web editor. This ensures a high degree of customization and accuracy. Of course, you can see a list of all translated fragments of your content. You can filter, search, etc.

ConveyThis has editable translation

(8) Top-Notch Professional Translators at your disposal 24/7: If there’s no translation for your content or you feel that the translated content isn’t up to scratch, you can easily reach out to pro translators with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

ConveyThis - Top-Notch Professional Translators at your disposal 24/7

(9) Advanced Language Switcher: The switcher is conveniently designed, and you can customize it to your specifications.

ConveyThis - Advanced Language Switcher

(10) SEO + Translation at their Best: No other web translator can help you spruce up your site’s SEO. Thankfully, ConveyThis automatically generates Hreflang tags and URL prefixes for every page that has been translated. This makes your translated pages friendly to search engine crawlers. (Hreflang tags are a crucial solution for websites that feature the same content but in several different languages. They essentially help send online searchers to the version of your website that’s in their language.


ConveyThis is a godsend website translator that leverages the power of machine learning to deliver SEO-friendly, customizable international versions of your website. With professional human translators at your disposal, you can tailor your content to highly engage any audience no matter their language.

Try out ConveyThis Translate today absolutely free. Pro tip: after registration, you will get a 50% OFF any advanced plan.

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