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How to add a phone number to the menu in WordPress

How to Add a Phone Number to the Menu in WordPress

Let’s agree with me that a phone number is very necessary, sometimes it is a must-have faction. It is common for web owners to add phone numbers in a visible position that people can click to contact them from their phones. A simple way is to use your WordPress navigation bar. Fortunately, it’s as easy as pie and works with almost theme. And now I’m going to guide you how to do it step by step.

Nowadays phone number on the web is very important how to add phone to the menu wordpress

Nowadays phone number on the web is very important.

Step 1: Find out where to put your phone number

In the Admin Dashboard, find the Appearance section, then choose the Menus option.

In the Edit Menu tab, and go to the box in the box Select a menu to edit, choose a menu that you want to put your phone number inside. Pay attention that your site may have more than one navigation menu, and each one will appear in different places. So, choose the right menu as you want.

Next, go to the Add menu items column, choose the Custom Links option to create a link that displays a phone number on your website.

use version of WordPress 5.2.2 to add phone number to the menu in WordPress

I have installed the newest version of WordPress 5.2.2

This is the place to fill your phone number in, then your phone number will be highlighted and clickable like other custom links on the webpage.

Step 2: Write your number in the right format

Here we are on the right track. In the Custom Links box, Select the URL section and replace the http:// that WordPress puts there automatically with your phone number.

You should use this format: tel:+18009632765. The format tel:+ helps smartphones to know that this is a phone number. The number to be dialed is put after the cross (+) without any comma, dot, space, etc. Remember, just numbers right after the +.

In the Link Text field, we will write the label of your number on the website. As I saw on some websites, they might write there Call us/Phone us. However, writing your original phone number in the Link Text field is a better choice.

From my experience, for example, if your number is 1 (800) 963-2765, you should write it exactly like that in the Link Text section. In this way, your number will be displayed originally to visitors. Therefore, if they can not call you directly from their browsing devices, they will still be able to dial that number easily with other devices.

It is also necessary for you to contain your zip code or national code (if you are not sure about your region's code, search it on

Enter your PHONE NUMBER in menu in wordpress

Enter your PHONE NUMBER in the URL field and the Link Text field in the right format.

Step 3: Add phone number to the menu and save your result on WordPress

Finally, we have come to the last step. Display your custom link on the navigation menu just by choosing the Add to Menu option then click Save Menu.

Click Add to Menu and Save Menu to save phone number

Click Add to Menu and Save Menu to save the result.


You can change the phone number’s position just by drag and drop the number in the right position. From my experience, you should put your phone number at the bottom of your list and not as a sub-menu item for high visibility and easy access.

If you are pleased with the result, save it.

Drag and drop the number box in your favorite position

Drag and drop the number box in your favorite position

Now you have succeeded in getting a totally clickable phone number on your website.

However, please notice that if a visitor uses desktop browsers, he will not manage to call you directly from his laptop/PC. But he can dial the number shown on the web from his phone.

And, of course, visitors who use smartphones to surf web just need to click on the highlighted numbers on the screen to call you directly from your website.

So I have shown you how to add phone numbers to your WordPress navigation menu in just 3 can-not-be-more-simple steps. Though there are many other methods to add a phone number to your site like use CSS code or supporting plugins, this is the best way I have shown you - simple but effective.

In this way, you can add more numbers (in case some numbers are not available or you have more than one number) or other necessary links to your WordPress site.

Final Thoughts

It would be great if we can share other creative WordPress tricks for each other to make a better GretaThemes Community. So do not hesitate to leave a comment below this post. Thanks for reading!

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