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eWriter Documentation

Thank you for using eWriter theme for your website. We hope you like it! In this documentation, we will show you how to install and setup the basic demo for your website. This takes you only 5 minutes to have the website ready!


Installing eWriter is straight-forward and is the same as all normal WordPress theme. We have written a very detailed guide on how to download and install a WordPress theme, please follow the instruction in that article.

#Recommended Plugins

After installing the theme, you'll see a notification box in your admin asking to install some plugins. These plugins are optional and are recommended by the theme to add more features.

eWriter recommends the following plugins:

You can ignore these plugins if you want, but we highly recommend them to make customization easier. These plugins are well-coded, work perfectly with the theme and don't slow down your website.

#Demo Content

In case you want to quickly start with the theme, you can install our demo content by using the One Click Import Demo plugin from the recommendation list above.


Custom Logo

You can add a custom logo by going to Customize → Header and uploading your own logo image. There is an option for you to hide the site title and tagline if you want.

#Search Button

In Customizer → Header, there's an option to show the search button in the header. You can use this option to toggle the search button if needed.


#Creating a Static Homepage

When you first activate eWriter, your homepage will display posts in a traditional blog format. To set up your homepage, follow these steps:

  1. Create a page
  2. Go to Customize → Homepage Settings and set Your homepage displays to A static page.
  3. Select the page you created in step one as the Homepage, and, if you plan to have a blog as well, choose another page as the Posts page to display your blog posts.

#Featured Posts Slider

The slider displays posts with tags that you fill in customize

#Quote Format Post

Here is the list of your post using post format quote. The selected on will display their first blockquote on the homepage.

#Mailchimp Shortcode

If you are using Mailchimp service for your site, please enter the Mailchimp shortcode here.

Layout: the sidebar position. You can display the sidebar on the left, right, or don't show it at all.
Post style: how to display posts on the front page. These are the options:

  • Horizontal: posts are displayed with thumbnail on the left, text on the right
  • Vertical: posts are displayed with thumbnail on the top, text on the bottom

Column: number of columns to display the posts. The maximum is 3, however, you can use the 'ewriter_homepage_column' hook to change that number.


This section displays the latest tweets from your Twitter account. To set it up, go to to get all of those parameters.


#Instagram Images

To display Instagram images, please install the Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed and connect to your Instagram account.

Then go to Instagram Feeds → All Feeds and click the + Add New button to create a new feed. In the feed settings, set the following parameters:

  • Feed layout: set the padding to 0, number of posts to 8 for both desktop and mobile, columns to 8, 4, 2 for desktop, tablet, mobile correspondingly
  • Disable header, load more button and follow button.

Footer Instagram widget settings

Then copy the feed shortcode, and go to Appearance→ Widgets, add an Instagram Feed widget to the Footer Instagram and paste the shortcode into the widget content. Don't enter anything for the widget title.

#Footer Widgets

The theme has a widget area in the footer. Go to Customize → Widgets and add your widgets to the Footer sidebar.

In the demo, we use the following widgets:

  • Contact info: a text widget that displays your contact info using our HTML
  • Mailchimp form
  • Categories
  • Archives
  • Tag cloud

#Footer Copyright Text

To change the footer copyright text, please go to Customize → Footer and enter your custom text.

#Go To Top Button

eWriter has a Go to top button. If you don't want it, you can disable it in Customize → Footer.


There are also 3 settings for layout, post style, and post column like in the homepage. You can use the 'ewriter_archive_column' hook to change the maximum number of post columns.


There are two styles for the single

  • Style 1: The header on the top and the thumbnail on the bottom
  • Style 2: In reverse to style 1, the thumbnail on the top and the header on the bottom


We recommend using a child theme to customize the theme. Here is the guide on how to do that.

In addition, you can customize the theme CSS by going to Customize → Additional CSS.

We hope you live Memory. If you have any questions, please send us a support ticket. Happy blogging!

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