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Consultify Documentation

Thank you for using Consultify theme for your website. We hope you like it! In this documentation, we will show you how to install and set up the basic demo for your website. This takes you only 5 minutes to have the website ready!


We have written a very detailed guide on how to download and install a WordPress theme, please follow the instructions in that article.

#Demo Content

In case you want to quickly start with the theme, you can import the demo content.

Once installed, the theme's preview will not look like the website demo. You need to activate the theme and import the demo then the new look will be like on the website demo.


After activating the theme, it will redirect to the Appearance page, where notification of successful activation and notification of installation of necessary plugins to use for the theme will appear.

Select Begin installing plugins to begin the plugin installation process.

Install Plugins

In the above interface, you should choose to install all of these plugins because these are the plugins used for the theme. One click demo import is the plugin to automatically import demo content.

To install all, you can click on the box before each plugin or select all, select the Install activity, and then select Apply as shown in the image.

Active Plugins

After successful installation, you need to activate them. Same as above but this time select activate then Apply.

After activating the plugins, select Appearance → Import Demo Data → Continue & Import and wait for the results.

Import Demo

#Import Fluent Form

Import Form Demo

To import form demo , select Fluent Forms→ Tools→ Import Forms . You download the fluentform-consultify.json (Consultify/demos/fluentform-consultify.json) file sent with the theme installation file and select Import Forms.


#Header Setup

Custom Logo:

You can add a custom logo by going to Customize → Site Identity and uploading your logo image.


The main navigation appears at the top right of every page of your website. On tablet and mobile devices, it will be hidden behind a toggle button. To set it up, simply create a new menu via Appearance → Menus and assign it to the Primary Menu for Display localtion.

Create Menu

#Setting up your front page:

When you first activate Consultify, your homepage will display posts in a traditional blog format. If you have imported demo data, the home page is already set to the front page.

To set up your homepage, follow these steps:

  1. Create a page.
  2. Go to the Customizer’s Static Front Page panel and set Front page displays to A static page.
  3. Select the page you created in step one as the Front page, and, if you plan to have a blog as well, choose another page as the Posts page to display your blog posts.

#Banner settings

Add Content Banner

To update content banner , select Settings→ Banner. You update information in the fields in the Banner.

#Content management guide

#Add Service Categories

In addition to the default post type, the theme interface has an additional post type called Service. Each service represents your business service on the front end. Services are grouped into categories.

If using demo content, categories, and demo articles for the categories have already been created. If you want to create more categories, select Services > Categories.

Services Categories

Here you just need to enter the name of the category you want to create in the name field and then select Add New Categories. Please note the slug part, you will use it for some parts of the page templates.

#Add A New Service

Add New Service


To create a new service post, select Services > Add New.  Here you add content for Title, Content,  Icon post, Except, Feature image, and Categories. These are the fields you need to add content.

#Add A New Page

The Consultify theme has 5 page templates similar to the demo site. To use a page template, select Add New Page and select a template.


Add New Page

For each template, you need to change the content in the corresponding fields in the Page Details as follows:


Add Content Page

We hope you live Consultify. If you have any questions, please send us a support ticket. Happy blogging!

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