WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Black Friday is coming and we have collected the best deals and discounts for all the WordPress plugins, themes and hosting. This is the most completed list of deals. So don’t miss it!

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the first Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA. It’s the official start of the Christmas shopping season where retailers will offer big discounts on their products. It has since spread around the world and also to online shopping. Websites owners will provide coupon codes and special offers for the Black Friday and also Cyber Monday periods.

Black Friday has also grown each year with WordPress related products. So it is an ideal time to buy a product you have been keeping an eye on as these will usually be the biggest discount available in the whole year.

When is Black Friday 2018?

It is the 23th Nov, the day after Thanksgiving.

Make sure to bookmark this post as I will be adding more deals as they come in!

WordPress Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Below is the list of the best deals for WordPress users on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018. The products are sorted from A-Z (excerpt our products at the top). Choose what you need and save hundreds of dollars!


Meta Box - Plugin WordPress mạnh mẽ cho custom fields

WordPress custom fields plugin
Promotion: 65% off for Lifetime Bundle
Date: Nov 20 – Nov 30

GretaThemes - Theme WordPress - đơn giản, tinh tế, tối ưu SEO

Premium WordPress themes
Promotion: 30% off for Lifetime Bundle
Date: Nov 20 – Nov 30

Other deals:

GretaThemesThemeNov 20Nov 3030% OffBLACKFRIDAY
Meta BoxPluginNov 20Nov 3065% OffBLACKFRIDAY
WP Auto ListingsPluginNov 20Nov 3040% OffBLACKFRIDAY
ProWCPluginsPluginNov 20Nov 3050% OffBLACKFRIDAY
WPFormsPluginNov 20Nov 3060% OffBF2018
MonsterInsightsPluginNov 20Nov 3060% OffBF2018
OptinMonsterPluginNov 19Nov 2635% OffBF2018
A2 HostingHostingNov 23Nov 2667% OffSAVEBIG
Admin Page SpiderPluginNov 20Nov 3030% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
AdSanityPluginNov 21Nov 3020% OffBFCMADSAN2018
AMPforWPPluginNov 17Nov 2750% OffBFCM18
Anariel DesignThemeNov 20Nov 2720% OffANARIELBLACK2018
AstraThemeNov 20Nov 2830% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
Barn2 MediaPluginNov 23Nov 2650% OffBARN2CYBER2018
BlogVaultPluginNov 23Nov 2740%CLICK FOR DEAL
Beaver BuilderPluginNov 23Nov 2625% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Beaver TeamPluginNov 23Nov 3030%BLACKFRIDAY
BNECreativePlugin & ThemeNov 20Nov 2730% OffCYBER2018
BracketSpacePluginNov 21Nov 2850% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Convert ProPluginNov 20Nov 2830% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
Click RangerPluginNov 21Nov 3020% OffBFCMCRP2018
CloudwaysHostingNov 21Nov 2930% OffBFCM18
CodeBardPluginNov 22Nov 2630% OffHAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2018
Custom Facebook FeedPluginNov 23Nov 2620% Offhappysmashgiving2018
Coming Soon & Maintenance ModePluginNov 15Dec 130% OffBF2018
Divi CakePlugin & ThemeNov 23Nov 2640% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Divi SpacePluginNov 22Nov 2730% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
DreamHostHostingNov 23Nov 2662% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Easy Login StylerPluginNov 23Nov 2650% OffBFCMEASY
EDD BookingsPluginNov 20Nov 30$350 OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Envira GalleryPluginNov 20Nov 3030% OffBFSS30
Event EspressoAdd-onsNowNov 3025-50% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
GeneratePressThemeNov 23Nov 2625% OffBLKFRI18
FlycartPluginNov 23Nov 2730% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Google Maps WidgetPluginNov 15Dec 130% OffBF2018
Google Fonts for WordPressPluginNov 20Nov 2550% OffBF50
GravityFormsPluginNov 23Nov 2650% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
HostingerHostingNov 12Nov 2690% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
IconicPluginNov 23Nov 3040% Offbfcm18
ImagelyPlugin & ThemeNov 23Nov 3040% OffBF40
Liquid WebHostingNov 20Nov 2650% OffBETHANKFUL18
MailOptinPluginNov 23Nov 2725% OffBFCM2018
MalCarePluginNov 23Nov 2740% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Mastering Beaver BuilderCourseNov 20Nov 26$50 OffBEAVERMASTER
myCREDPluginNov 23Nov 2640% Offmycred40
Mystery ThemesThemeNov 23Nov 3040% Offmtblackfriday18
MyThemeShopThemeNov 19Dec 1$19CLICK FOR DEAL
OceanWPThemeNov 20Nov 3050% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
PageBuilder FrameworkThemeNov 21Nov 2630% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
Page Builder SandwichPluginNov 21Nov 2520% OffSHOPBLACKFRIDAY2018
perfmattersPluginNov 20Nov 2625% OffBLACKFRIDAY
PixelEmuThemeNov 20Nov 2640% OffBFCM18
PowerPack for Beaver BuilderPluginNov 20Nov 3030% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
ProfilePressPluginNov 23Nov 2725% OffBFCM2018
Project HuddlePluginNov 22Nov 2740% OffGECKOSEOFRIDAY
SecondLineThemesThemeNov 23Nov 2725% OffBLACKFRIDAY25-SLT
Schema ProPluginNov 20Nov 2830% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
Security NinjaPluginNov 15Dec 130% OffBF2018
Simple GiveawaysPluginNov 20Nov 2630% OffBFCM2018
SoliloquyPluginNov 20Nov 3030% OffBFSS30
Starfish ReviewsPluginNov 22Nov 2775% Off18cybermo75
Template ExpressThemeNov 22Nov 2950% OffBLACKTE18
Template MonsterThemeNov 19Nov 2950% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
TeslaThemesThemeNov 23Nov 3040% OffBF40
Themer TemplatesPluginNov 23Nov 2625% OffBLACKFRIDAY25
ThemeRexThemeNov 16Dec 0350% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
The Events CalendarPluginNov 20Nov 2630% OffCHEERS30
The Landing FactoryPluginNov 20Nov 2625% OffBF25OFF
ThirstyAffiliatesPluginNov 19Nov 2730% OffHoliday30
Ultimate Addons for Beaver BuilderPluginNov 20Nov 2830% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
Ultimate Addons for ElementorPluginNov 20Nov 2830% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
UltimateWooPluginNov 23Nov 2750% OffBFCM18SS3
Ultimate DashboardPluginNov 20Nov 3030% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
UnderConstructionPagePlugnNov 15Dec 130% OffBF2018
Visual ComposerPluginNov 17Nov 2550% Off50%-BLACK-FRIDAY
Widget OptionsPluginNov 23Nov 2630% OffBFCM2018
WooCommerce Wholesale SuitePluginNov 19Nov 2710% OffHoliday10
WP BuffServiceNov 20Nov 2610%BLFRCYMO
WP Business ReviewsPluginNov 23Nov 2650% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
WP CouponsPluginNov 20Nov 2625%BLACKFRIDAY
WP Coupons and DealsPluginNov 20Nov 2540% OffWPCD40
WP EngineHostingNov 22Nov 2635% Offcyberwpe2018
WP ERPPluginNov 19Nov 2633% OffBFCM33
WPfomifyPluginNov 20Nov 3030% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
WP Mobile MenuPluginNov 18Nov 2535% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
WPMRRCourseNov 20Nov 2615% OffBLFRCYMO
WP Native ArticlesPluginNov 19Nov 2730% OffSSLIDER18
WP PortfolioPluginNov 20Nov 2830% OffBLACKFRIDAY2018
WP RocketPluginNov 20Nov 2735% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
WP RSS AggregatorPluginNov 20Nov 2740% OffCLICK FOR DEAL
WP Security Audit LogPluginNov 22Nov 2740% OffBLACKCYBER40
WP Sheet EditorPluginNov 20Nov 2665% OffBLACKFRIDAY998723


Grab your WordPress deal on this Black Friday 2018 now! Happy shopping!

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