WordPress SEO checklist

WordPress SEO Checklist: What You Should Do To Optimize Your Website for SEO

WordPress has evolved as one of the best CMS offering great user experience. It owns almost 28% of total websites. And, it is anticipated to attain the most astounding score in web development industry.

So, you are ready to leverage the qualities and functionalities of your powerful WordPress website. For sure, you must have added all the functions to it and made it worth using as an ideal business solution.

Let me ask you a question! What have you done to make your WordPress website SEO optimized? We know that at the time of website launch, nobody emphasizes on it. But, this is not the phase to overlook especially, when your business entirely depends on your website.

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WordPress vs. Wix

WordPress vs. 3 of the Top Website Builders

You have a lot of options when it comes to creating a website. You can code it all yourself and have the freedom to make exactly what you desire. Or you can use a website builder that helps you get your site up and running with themes, templates and infrastructure. WordPress is one of the largest content management systems on the web today, with a 60 percent market share, according to W3Techs. But how does it compare to three of the other top website builders? Let’s take a look…

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WordPress menu open in new tab

How to Open WordPress Menu in a New Tab?

Every website has menu navigation to tell us its content sections. It also helps describe what content website has. When we want to see more content, we simply click the corresponding item in the menu. Usually, the browser opens the new content in the current tab. However, when we want to keep the current page and want to open the menu in a new tab, how to do that? How to tell WordPress open menu in a new tab instead of the current tab?

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